Irregular Choices

Nothing makes us happier than quirky and unique style! From the traditional costumes worn by the Chinese State Circus to the more contemporary outfits our Lady Boys of Bangkok like to rock - if it's unique, colourful, pretty or frivolous - we love it! We couldn't resist the Irregular Choice website and it made for some serious eye candy, shining a lot of foot filled fun on to our dreary Monday morning. I'm sure you can agree that Irregular Choice shoes are certainly  uhm... Irregular! But so awesome! We need them on our feet - NOW!

Irregular Choice make a mockery of the norm when it comes to footwear by combining unique narratives with a quirky eye for design. From the extremely limited edition range by Dan Sullivan, which only contains a very limited number of  shoes available in each size for his designs, to the adorably kitsch styles which depict anything from sequins and glitter to flowers, fauna and even little birdies. Every time you look at them you see something new! They really are the gift that keeps on giving. We have to throw in the Panda design on the top right hand side of the collage too, I'm sure some of the ladies in the Chinese State Circus would love to wear these at their next performance without a doubt!

Speaking of the Chinese State Circus, we also took the opportunity to scout out our favourite Snake themed designs from the Irregular Choice Collections! Have you ever seen anything as lavish and beautiful as the Dan Sullivan Stealing Limelight shoes in the centre?! We highly doubt it - well, not for your feet anyway! The lady boys would certainly steal the show in these bad boys! Irregular Choice don't just treat our eyes to amazing footwear either. The bag and purse combination is to die for, making the slithery snake a cute and kawaii character for more practical uses too! Oh Irregular Choice -see you in our shoe rack, very soon!