The Chinese State Circus in Edinburgh!

The Chinese State Circus will be in staying in beautiful bonny Scotland for the second venue on their 2013 tour - Yin Yang! After their opening nights at Glasgow King's Theatre on the 29th and 30th of January, the Chinese State Circus will be hitting the Edinburgh Playhouse on the 31st to perform their unique, breathtaking acts of circus wizardry!
Unique and Breathtaking Venue

The Edinburgh Playhouse is a beautiful venue, which plays hosts to a variety of musicals, concerts and stage shows throughout the year. As a Grade I* listed building, you can enjoy The Chinese State Circus, as well as a variety of other acts, in this unique and beautiful setting. As the UK's largest theatre based on capacity, holding an audience of 3039, the Edinburgh Playhouse is a venue which is popular as a sight seeing and tourism spot alongside being a favourite for the locals.

Edinburgh Playhouse is also rumoured to have it's own resident ghost Albert! After a sudden chill in the air, Albert is said to appear haunting level six in the building wearing a distinctive grey coat. Who Albert was remains a mystery, but the legend indicates that he was either a stage hand who was killed in an accident or a night-watchman who committed suicide....Eeep!

But don't worry too much about Albert if you're easily spooked though, the Chinese State Circus will soon take your mind off an ghostly goings on. Infusing the traditional with modern in this unique and exciting show, The Chinese State Circus is a perfect day out for all of the family in Scotland this new year.

So, if you're visiting Scotland for the first time in 2013, or are familiar enough with Edinburgh to be deemed a local, the Chinese State Circus is an experience not to be missed. With an enchanting venue which is a Scottish landmark, you're guaranteed not to be disappointed.

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