The Recipe For A Perfect Christmas Advert

In the last week or two big names such as; John LewisSainsburysMarks & Spencer and TK Maxx to name a few, have been striving to pull at the heart strings of the nation with their emotive, feel good adverts that get us feeling all warm and fuzzy inside but most importantly, ready and geared up for the countdown to Christmas.

In the midst of all this festive joy, we’ve put together a recipe for the perfect Christmas advert.

1.       Firstly, you will need a super cute staring character (allow 15-20 seconds for heart to melt).

2.       To flavour and set the tone, add a slow solemn cover of a well-known song to encourage reminiscence amongst viewers.

(This year’s examples include: One Day I’ll Fly Away by Vaults in the infamous John Lewis ad or Lidl with a cover of Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas by Irish band SOAK.)

3.   Next, stir it up with a story line to really grab attention. Get those tears running – but be careful to give time to let the emotion set in.

4.       Then just as the viewers begin to blubber, douse them with an ending filled with delight and jubilation. 

  And there you have it. The perfect recipe for a perfect Christmas advert.

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