New year, new you, new show....

Much like the taxman, the new year cometh and the new year taketh away. This wonderful analogy (if I do say so myself) depicts the age old problem of starting the new years with as much gusto and sheer determination as Mr Motivator at a gym induction...please see below for reference.

BUT....despite our best efforts and the ever encroaching threat of being motivated, we (mostly) all but lose this gust of determination at the first hurdle. This hurdle can come in many forms whether that be  a Tesco's All Butter Granola Square just lying around in the office - teasing you from that road to redemption or the arch nemesis of any dieting champion, the dreaded.....CAKE. Regardless of which sword you choose to fall upon, it happens eventually and inevitably. Oh well, as they say - 'the best laid schemes o' mice an' possums, gang aft agley' and much unlike this possum - at least we all have to best of intentions (also do not be at ashamed if this picture accurately depicts your festive period).

All this talk of news years resolutions and failed fitness attempts may have you thinking we're about to a Lady Boys of Bangkok fitness DvD, which, as great an idea as it is, we don't have any plans of making in the near future! Maybe on next years Seductive Star Jumps and Fabulous Fitness tour. No we're not planning on taking Davina McCall or Josie Gibson just yet - this weeks blog is a more jovial look at some of the worlds funnier workout videos!

I can only assume you watched the video above? And I can only assume that your left with a feeling somewhere between amused and puzzled, with just a slight bit of envy at their crazy country hop moves? Good, I thought I was the only one. This is Diane Horner's Country Hip Hop VHS, which originated from - you guessed it - 'Murica! It's a mixture of the age old cheese to the cracker music styling of both Hip Hop and Country into what can only be described as a confusing but oddly enjoyable blend - and some pretty sweet moves which you can be assured are definitely going to be making their way on the Lady Boys stage in this years Beauty and the Beats tour. Especially her variation on the Roger Rabbit - it's all about the slide....

It would appear that this Walrus had one to many a Bailey's over the Christmas period and is now attempting to counteract this with intense cardio - well either that or the trainer has promised him a fish. We're at liberty to believe the first reason, as to just give the video some comical context. Despite the guys motives he is surprisingly flexible!

Not sure this counts as a workout video - but it is possibly the most 80's thing to come out of the 80's since leg warmers and Flashdance so for that reason it's in the list!

Now we all know Mark Whalberg, he's a famous, wholesome guy who's been in some decent movies - then POW! at the blink of an eye he's back as his rapping alter ego Marky Mark! For those that reminding (and who haven't watched the video) that's this young chap!

His workout video mostly involves him saying POW! and getting assistance from his 'fly honey's' but non the less it is a rather amusing workout video from an era of Mark Whalberg's life that we're sure he would rather forget! Thank god for youtube!

As a last homage to the new years resolution here a fitness themed fail compilation - apologies in advance for the last one which is both hilarious and horrifying!
So in conclusion if you do end up sticking with your new years resolution we wouldn't recommend any of these videos expect of course The Motivation Walrus workout video - because that guy really has some moves. The Lady Boys of Bangkok are back in Bangkok and will certainly be working out in preparation for next years show Beauties and the Beats! Look out for those country hip hop moves up on stage in 2015!