The Lady Boys of Manchester

The time has finally arrived and the Lady Boys of Bangkok have landed in the one and only northern heart of England - Manchester, for 10 party filled days of exuberant glamour!

To celebrate our return to one of our favourite cities in the UK, Manchester are throwing a celebratory parade in our honour, for some reason it's been dubbed 'Manchester Day' which is rather confusing, but nevertheless we are flattered! Big headedness aside 'Manchester Day' is annual event which is taking place this Sunday, celebrating all things Manchestery! From cotton to canal street, Manchester is a one of the cultural hubs of England and this is a day to revel in that. What better way to celebrate than with a menagerie of street performers and a parade, I mean who doesn't love a parade? We here at Lady Boys HQ certainly do, and the Lady's will no doubt be soaking up the culture when they get there time off in town.

If your in Manchester this weekend enjoying our parade (were putting the Lady Boys flag on this one) come check out our new home here in Manchester on the Total Car Park on Oxford Road, which occupies the space where the old BBC site used to be. Those of you familiar with Manchester will remember this as the large, ominous, 70's-esque and very very grey building which was knocked down in lieu of the new and shiny Media City over in Salford.

Media City plays host to two of the biggest broadcasting station in the UK, the BBC and ITV Granada. This means that many of yours and also our favourite shows are produced and filmed in these new swanky digs. This includes everything from car crash television like ever so condensing  but impossible not to watch Jeremy Kyle to the rather more dignified Countdown with the entrepreneurial Nick Hewer and effortlessly glamorous Rachel Riley. In addition to this the whole of Coronation Street including the actors was moved cobble by cobble over to Media City to add to roster of shows filmed there. With Michelle Keegan's dramatic exit what do you think to one of the Lady Boys filling the niche of sexy northern lass? Might require some anti - elocution lessons but easily doable, we can live in hope.

Well finally on our Manchester roster here's a bit of overt name dropping, we here at Lady Boys aren't shy to the odd TV star gracing our sequinned doors, and while we are in Manchester we have none other than Russell Tovey coming to the show next Sunday. Russell, of Being Human and Him and Her fame, is in Manchester filming his new show Banished based on the establishment of the penal colony in Australia during the 18th century, so rather a fitting name really. In addition to this we also have the beautiful Kira Martin from Shameless coming along, here's hoping she doesn't bring Frank along though.

Whatever your plans this weekend, the Lady Boys of Bangkok will be shaking a tail feather down at the Old BBC site in Manchester so come on down and join the party!! Onto to Dundee next via Peterborough and Workington so catch us on the road if you can!