Geometric Nail Art...

I may be walking into unknown territory of the personal variety here as a member of the butcher, well soft butcher sex. But this, which let’s be honest is avoidable if you work for the glamorous bedazzlement of the Lady Boys of Bangkok, is a fashion blog, that’s right a blog about fashion.  Cue the teen pop music and a montage of models pulling many a contorted geometric shapes (Like what I did there?). Delusions of America’s Next Top Model aside were going to go a straight-lined and surprisingly sellotape-centric world of geometric nail design.

Geometric nail design or geometric nail art is basically just turning your nails into a canvas for as many multi-coloured shapes that you can fit under your cuticle. Now there is a check list for this procedure, you will be needing many a utensil and these are a striper brush, a cotton bud or a paintbrush dipped in acetone for corrections, ok so maybe not many a utensil, oh and sellotape.

With all this exciting talk of sellotape it may be hard to forgot about it for a moment, but do. Firstly start with coats of whatever base colour you fancy, for example to eternally stylish and famous Coquelicot (which is actually a colour and not at all made up). Then using the stripper brush make any shape you can muster, for example an acute triangular outline at the top of your nail and then fill it in with another colour you like, let’s say Smaragdine (again, mostly definitely a colour). This is essentially a geometric nail design, a very simple design which looks good none the less.

However, and this is a big however depending on how adventurous you are (or how much time you have) you can add more and more shapes and more and more depth to the design till you have something like this. This may take a bit of practice but certainly looks unique.

Remember when sellotape was all the rage at the beginning of the blog? This is where that comes in. The sellotape (doesn’t have to be specifically the sellotape brand, as long as its adhesive and tape like) can be used in many an imaginative way, by keeping the colour below the tape whilst easily being able to paint over it.

Above is just one example, but there are many more and it’s even a bit of a celebrity fad with the likes of Kesha jumping on the geometric band wagon. 

You can see more designs over in this buzzfeed article all about the wonders tape and nails The Lady Boys of Bangkok certainly liked these nail designs, so don’t be surprised if you see some geometric nail art up there on the stage in Brighton over the next few weeks.