Lady Boys of Bangkok Halloween Make Up Challenge!

It's that time again where the Lady Boys of Bangkok join forces with Stargazer Cosmetics to challenge some of the UK's best beauty bloggers to a make up challenge, and this time the theme is HALLOWEEN. After the success of our last make up challenge, which saw Beauty's Bad Habit take the crown for the most beautiful ladyboys inspired look, we couldn't help but have another round of fabulous bloggers to take on the challenge!

Sppoooooky (and so very very glamorous!)

Lady Boys of Bangkok Halloween Make Up Challenge!
Lady Boys of Bangkok Halloween Make Up Challenge!

The bloggers taking part in the Lady Boys of Bangkok & Stargazer Halloween make up challenge are:

Sera from The Agoraphobic Fashionista:  We love Sera's blog which is so full of variety and colour (and we don't just mean that pink hair!) every day Sera covers topics from her weight loss journey and fabulous fashion to lovely beauty finds. 

Kat from Tales of a Pale Face: We're sure there won't be a pale face in sight over on Kat's blog when she cracks out the colour combinations and creative juices! 

Phee from Phees Make Up Tips: Make up tips and glorious tricks over on Phee's blog of beauty and make up wonderment, we can't wait to see what this little red headed wonder comes up with!

Jackie aka Sadlerette (YouTube): Jackie is the perfect participant for this challenge, using uber cool techniques and videoing  inspiring tutorials, Jackie is a YouTube star! 

Thomas from Porcelaine D'Beau: Talented make up artist and all round blog star Thomas is set to impress with his impressive knowledge and skills displayed over on his website.

Keep a peak out on the Lady Boys of Bangkok's Twitter and Facebook pages to see how they get on!