23 Sep 2013

Update: The Moscow Grand Circus in Abu Dhabi

It has been non stop at Gandey World Class Productions headquarters recently. With preparation for next years Lady Boys of Bangkok show in full swing and the all new production of the Moscow Grand Circus about to begin, we're lucky if we get a moment to update the blog! Luckily we've managed to grab a few minutes this morning to give you a little bit of an insight though. The UK crew have now left to begin the set up in Abu Dhabi, whilst the Lady Boys tour is now in Newcastle Upon Tyne. The "Moscow Grand Circus" is set to take place at Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre in association with ADNEC Live Events from Wednesday 25th until Sat 28th September 2013. Following the success of the Chinese State Circus in Abu Dhabi last year, Gandey World Class Productions have put together a stunning show for this event, featuring a full line up of non stop talent. There will be no 'fillers' within the production with each performing artiste as strong as the former. 

Artistes to perform as part of the Moscow Grand Circus in Abu Dhabi include:

Victoria Antipova - Aerial Rope
Anna Rastsova - Swinging Trapeze
Stoliarov Clowns Kara - Gymnastic Bars
Russian swing by Sergeii Dydyk
Russian Bar "Rome" by Svetlana Gvozdetskaya
Albert Arslanov - Knife juggling and "love Story"
Duo Charm - Aerial straps and Juggling on Unicycle
Fakhriddin Akhnazarov - Strongman

As you can see we have award winning acts, including a couple of Monte Carlo winners!

Abu Dhabi are in for an absolute spectacle!

19 Sep 2013

K-Beauty and....Snails?!

Korean skincare products are huge in Thailand right now. From the revolutionary BB cream to lotions and potions containing extracts of SNAIL (yes, you read that correctly) the popularity of 'k-beauty' is growing by the day. Gone are the days when the 'western' look is desired by young female's (and males wanting to be females like our lady boys!) in Thailand. The new breed of fashion and beauty icon's include Korean actress, singer and model Yoon Eun-hye alongside the equally as desirable Korean actress Song Hye-kyo

Snail has been an unlikely addition to beauty products for many years, dating back ancient Greece snail 'slime' was used to treat burns and other skin conditions. It seems in recent times there has been somewhat of a 'snail revival' with brands such as Skin79 using it in their BB creams and Dr Jart's Time Returning Serum which contains 77% Snail Mucin. There is also the increasingly (un)popular snail facial, where a number of live snails are placed directly on to the face, to unclog pores and remove dead skin cells. 

What do you think? Will you be taking on the snail beauty trend this season? 

18 Sep 2013

A Celebration of Diversity!

As you will know if you follow our blog and our shows, here at Gandey World Class Productions we love anything and anyone who celebrates their own individuality and unique style. Channelling what's on the inside and creating your own unique celebration of who you really are is what we love. When we read about transgender catwalk model Nicole Gibson, who recently whipped up a storm on the catwalk, we were in awe of her confidence and beauty. Nicole was born in to a males body and named Glen, but is now celebrating her feminine curves and look, recently taking part in the phenomenal catwalk show arranged by Edita from Pret-a-Reporter in association with Models of Diversity called Catwalk4change. 

transgender catwalk model Nicole Gibson www.gandeyworld.com

Models of Diversity gives all races, ages, shapes, sizes and abilities the opportunity to break the fashion and marketing industries 'norm' by arranging modelling workshops and events to celebrate equal opportunities and diversity beyond the stereotypes. Nicole was spotted by Models of Diversity and just days before Nicole's gender reassignment operation she was walking down the catwalk in luscious designs and beautiful make up. This operation is the final step in her life to becoming the female on the outside which she has always been on the inside, and we admire Nicole's bravery and beauty.

13 Sep 2013

Lady Boys of Bangkok Halloween Make Up Challenge!

It's that time again where the Lady Boys of Bangkok join forces with Stargazer Cosmetics to challenge some of the UK's best beauty bloggers to a make up challenge, and this time the theme is HALLOWEEN. After the success of our last make up challenge, which saw Beauty's Bad Habit take the crown for the most beautiful ladyboys inspired look, we couldn't help but have another round of fabulous bloggers to take on the challenge!

Sppoooooky (and so very very glamorous!)

Lady Boys of Bangkok Halloween Make Up Challenge!
Lady Boys of Bangkok Halloween Make Up Challenge!

The bloggers taking part in the Lady Boys of Bangkok & Stargazer Halloween make up challenge are:

Sera from The Agoraphobic Fashionista:  We love Sera's blog which is so full of variety and colour (and we don't just mean that pink hair!) every day Sera covers topics from her weight loss journey and fabulous fashion to lovely beauty finds. 

Kat from Tales of a Pale Face: We're sure there won't be a pale face in sight over on Kat's blog when she cracks out the colour combinations and creative juices! 

Phee from Phees Make Up Tips: Make up tips and glorious tricks over on Phee's blog of beauty and make up wonderment, we can't wait to see what this little red headed wonder comes up with!

Jackie aka Sadlerette (YouTube): Jackie is the perfect participant for this challenge, using uber cool techniques and videoing  inspiring tutorials, Jackie is a YouTube star! 

Thomas from Porcelaine D'Beau: Talented make up artist and all round blog star Thomas is set to impress with his impressive knowledge and skills displayed over on his website.

Keep a peak out on the Lady Boys of Bangkok's Twitter and Facebook pages to see how they get on!

12 Sep 2013

FASHION: Kimono Crazy

Kimonos are a hot trend this season, hurrah!

If there's one thing the Lady Boys of Bangkok adore doing whilst in the UK it's SHOPPING. Each city has it's own haven of high street joy for the glamorous group to peruse and purchase, and it's no wonder when the UK High Street is so HOT right now (not temperature wise, of course). Autumn is now upon us and it's time to think about layering up and looking gorgeous at the same time, and what better way to do that than with a beautiful bold kimono?! Kimonos are a go-to garment for most seasons - whether it's lazying around a pool in the evening as the sun sets, or a night out on the tiles as the season changes, they're perfect for throwing on and keeping the breeze at bay. 

Here's a beautiful selection of Kimonos you can find on the UK High Street right now!

Fashion blog post; Kimonos a hot trend for Autumn/Winter 2013 www.gandeyworld.com
Blue Block Print 3/4 Sleeve Kimono Jacket £40
Black floral kimono £16
Black Waterfall Kimono Tassle Cardigan £25
Pink Smudge Print Sheer Kimono £30

With prices in this selection starting at a mere £16(!!) alongside the range of bright, bold and beautiful designs on display, it's no wonder than Kimonos are going to be MASSIVE this season. No longer an item for traditional Japanese wear, the kimono can be dressed up or down for any occasion!

How will you wear yours?

11 Sep 2013

Pattaya Street Kids Charity

If you're a fan of the Lady Boys of Bangkok UK show then you will have undoubtedly have heard all about our support of the Pattaya Street Kids charity. The UK registered charity was started in March 2000 and aims to give the street kids of Thailand a better quality of life by providing essential clothing and equipment, whilst also helping the children to gain a better education. Each year the Lady Boys of Bangkok audience helps this great cause by having a collection at the end of each show, and this year we are pleased to announce that our amazing fans have donated an incredible:
so far this tour!! 

Smiles all round from the Pattaya kids!
As we're sure you can imagine, this money will prove invaluable to the many children it will go to. 100% of this money is donated directly to the children without any deductions or expenses taken from the charity itself. If you visit the Kids in Pattaya Facebook page you can see for yourself what kind of supplies this money can buy! It really is a brilliant cause and one close to the hearts of our Lady Boys, so if you do visit the show please keep in mind that your loose change can really make a child from a less fortunate background's dreams come true. From buying beds and blankets, to daily essentials such as clothing and food, every penny is sent to these children to have a better life.

The Lady Boys of Bangkok would like to personally thank every single person who has donated to the Pattaya Street Kids charity. 

3 Sep 2013

Moscow Grand Circus in Abu Dhabi

From the 25th to the 28th of September 2013 Gandey World Class Productions take their unique brand of entertainment across the pond to the capitol of the United Arab Emirates - Abu Dhabi. The 'Moscow Grand Circus' is the newest venture to add to the Gandey portfolio of international productions and d├ębuts at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre following the success of the Chinese State Circus which performed in the region last year. The show itself will demonstrate the 'varied shades of life' throughout the performance, which consists of an electric mix of circus acts, acrobatics and even clowns to add a zany spice to the mix! Phillip and Carol Gandey, who are both Directors at Gandey World Class Productions, are experts in taking traditional acts and delivering them to the audience in a contemporary style for the modern day, and the Moscow Grand Circus is certainly no exception. 

Moscow Grand Circus in Abu Dhabi on www.gandeyworld.com
Duo Charm set to perform as part of the Moscow Grande Circus in Abu Dhabi
Moscow Grand Circus in Abu Dhabi on www.gandeyworld.com
Jugglers will perform as part of the Moscow Grand Circus in Abu Dhabi
Moscow Grand Circus in Abu Dhabi on www.gandeyworld.com
Russian Swing act in Abu Dhabi for the Moscow Grand Circus