All the things we LOVE about Butlins!

Over the past few months, the brilliant Butlins resorts at Skegness, Bognor Regis and Minehead have become a home away from home for the Gandeys circus cast and, as the end of our time there approaches, we're taking the opportunity to reflect on all the reasons why we love it! So, if you're wondering where to take the family on your next summer break, or just want to reflect on how great of a place it is, we've compiled a list of all the things we love about Butlins!

The Redcoats!

The super friendly staff are part of what makes Butlins such a great place to be. They double as a great holiday guide as well as wonderful entertainers! Originally, they were dressed in red so they could be seen by visitors easily. Their job description was initially known as: 'friend, philosopher, guide', which we think is very true! We loved having them at the show and some of them couldn't help but take part!

Bippo the clown with two of his newest band members 

The sites

You are never, ever short of things to do at a Butlins holiday park. There are tonnes of ways to keep the kids busy (and the big kids too). And its safe to say our Gandeys cast definitely took advantage of their time off to explore the parks!

The acts and performers

From Diversity to drum workshops, and Stephen Mulhern to Sleeping Beauty, there's plenty on offer to suit all the family at Butlins. They've also devised a rather handy list featuring everything that's on offer as well as an app so everything you need to know is on hand. It's trying to fit it all in that's the hardest part!

The site

There are plenty of family photo opportunities on the various sites at Butlins. The giant sun lounger was a favourite of cheeky chappy Chico and the perfect place to nap if you feeling a little sleepy after all the fun!

Chico and his bear taking 40 winks. Have you got enough room there, Chico? 

The food

You can't have a holiday without ice cream! And during their time off, our Minehead cast took full advantage of the ice cream shop on site! It's also the perfect way to cool down during a heatwave. It's also no secret that guests have always enjoyed eating well at Butlins. In the 1960s, a shopping list for a typical year clocked up to 3.5 million eggs, 120,000 gallons of soup and 34 tons of tea! 

Our bunch at Minehead treated themselves to a well deserved ice cream!

The people!

We loved having the opportunity to meet all the wonderful families that come and see our show! It certainly wouldn't be the same without you!

This family have come to see our show over 10 times! That must be a record

Have our Butlins shows left you wanting more? You can still catch The Greatest Show Tour in Derby, Nottingham and Warrington this autumn. Get your tickets now over on our website.


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