30 Jun 2017

Butlin's 2017

Gandey World Class Productions works closely with many partners for a variety of their touring shows.

One partner we love to work with every year is Butlin's Resorts. Gandeys Circus, a company brimming with world class performers, provide entertainment at each of their UK resorts for the Summer and they are soon to be returning for 2017! 

Here are some of the incredible mesmerising artistes you can expect to see this year in Skegness include (but are not limited to!):

The hilarious, Chico Rico!

Las Chicas Morales!

The Serik Brothers!

Havana Troupe!

Gandey's Circus at Skegness will open on the 15th July. 

Details for other resorts will be released in the next coming weeks! You can always keep up to date by following us on Facebook or via out website www.gandeyscircus.com 

23 Jun 2017

Guest post: A breathtaking evening at the Chinese State Circus

The following review was originally published on the Plutonium Sox Family Blog and has been posted here with the kind permission of the author.


A breathtaking evening at the Chinese State Circus

There aren’t many evenings out that are fun for the whole family. Entertainment after a certain time tends to be aimed at adults and whilst children are often welcome, it’s not necessarily much fun for them. One clear exception is the circus. And as circuses go, the Chinese State Circus is by some distance the best I’ve ever seen.

About the Chinese State Circus

The Chinese State Circus is world famous for skilful performances that wow the audience. The team comprises 30 acrobats, jugglers, aerial artists and Shaolin Warriors. Each act is a few minutes long before moving on to a different act. There isn’t a moment when the audience isn’t transfixed by the stage.

Unlike many such shows, the Chinese State Circus is entirely true and authentic. There’s no trickery or optical illusions. Just highly trained athletes that have practiced their performances for years to achieve perfection.

The Chinese State Circus Dynasty production

The production currently touring is called Dynasty. The show starts with a drummer at the back of the stage creating an atmospheric drum beat. He is soon joined by acrobats and the show starts with a bang. From the moment the acrobats came on stage, the whole audience were transfixed. Even my fidgety two year old sat quietly except for the odd ooh and ahh...

...Please click here to read the full review on the Plutonium Sox Family Blog


Thank you once again to Natalie from the Plutonium Sox Family Blog for allowing us to post her fabulous review. If you enjoyed her post, don't forget to leave some feedback in the comments to let her know, and check out the rest of her writing.

The Chinese State Circus is currently touring the UK with its latest production - 'Dynasty'! Please see here for all upcoming tour dates.

16 Jun 2017

Pride Month 2017

Here at Gandeys World Class Productions we pride ourselves on celebrating diversity.

June is the month of diversity as it is known in the LGBT+ community as Pride month. 

June was chosen to commemorate the Stonewall Riots which happened at the end of June in 1969. As a result many events are held each year to celebrate the LGBT+ community and the positive impact they have on society. 

Huge organisations now celebrate Pride month, including some of the biggest brands across the globe.

Skittles have 'removed the rainbow' from their packets in honour of Pride month as they claim 'During Pride, only one rainbow matters'.

Facebook have created a Pride Reaction Emoji which users will have for the month of June.

Converse are also supporting the movement with their limited Pride range. All the proceeds from this range go to the It Gets Better Project and Miley Cyrus' Happy Hippie Foundation.

It is incredible to see brands like these getting involved in Pride month all across the globe with a very important message to spread.

The Lady Boys of Bangkok, the queens of Pride, are currently in Manchester until the 24th of June. Don't miss them before they leave! 

9 Jun 2017

Terri Lowe: Gandeys Circus Review

Here at Gandey World Class productions we pride ourselves on being a tight-knit organisation and as employees come and go we love to keep in touch to to see how they're doing and of course always welcome them back to see our productions.

Earlier this year Terri Lowe came to see Gandey's Circus, here's what she had to say:

"For those who have followed my blog, or spoken to me for a while, you may know that in a previous life I worked on the PR and Marketing for Gandey World Class Productions. A production company like no other, they're responsible for shows such as The Chinese State Circus and The Ladyboysof Bangkok. Whilst working there, I developed a completely new love and respect for performance and the work that goes not only in to the choreography of the shows, but also the work that goes in to the outfits!
During my time there, I never got the chance to see the renowned Gandey's Circus. Which is why I knew I had to go and take my little niece when the circus came to Stoke on Trent last week.

I must admit, I wasn't quite prepared for the spectacular show I was about to witness. I assumed there'd be some clowns, maybe a few tricks, a trapeze at a push.... But I soon realised I was very, very wrong. From start to finish the entire crowd was in awe of the amazing acts from around the world, all under one Big Top Tent.

Chico Rico is the clown that appears to run the show, with a healthy dose of audience interaction and (unfortunately for me), a section of audience participation... Which wasn't my best move with a hangover that day, but it was fun all the same. I even got some sneaky Instagram Story footage of my experience in the Circus ring...

From trapeze acts, where women dangled from their hair?! (seriously what conditioner do they use?), to flames on hoops and acrobatics like I've never seen. It was non-stop from the opening musical number, through to the minions and until the very end.

There were too many acts to count, and the show lasted a whopping two hours! I think my niece was probably a little young for a show of that length, as she is only just turned 2. Her attention lasted a good while though and it wasn't until around 1 hour 45 minutes that she began to get a little restless. However, all the other children were captivated until the very end! And it's no wonder, when the final act of the show was the world famous Wheel of Death. Which actually did make most of the audience gasp several times in unison at one point.

The show was rounded off in true Gandey's style, with a collection of amazing costumes and the entire cast coming out for the finale. Not to mention the massive inflatable carousel..."

Terri went to see the show earlier in the year in Stoke-on-Trent, did you go?

Check out more from Terri here

2 Jun 2017

National Fish and Chip Day!

Today may not be one of the better known national days, but it's arguably one of the tastiest!

It's National Fish and Chip Day!!

The day was the brainchild of NEODA, and originated as a way for fish and chip lovers across the country to come together to celebrate the nation's favourite dish. It's an opportunity for people to enjoy a tasty meal of indulgence, and to spread the word and help direct footfall to local fish and chip shops across the UK.

In 2016, #nationalfishandchipday began trending on Twitter and Facebook at 9.30am and the media coverage that stemmed from this meant that it became one of the busiest days of the year for chippies, with some saying it was even busier than Good Friday. More than 28 million people saw, heard or read about National Fish & Chip Day! 

2017 is expected to see an even bigger increase in people celebrating National Fish and Chip Day.

There's nothing quite like a delicious portion of fish and chips! Whether you eat it straight out of the paper with a wooden fork, or serve it delicately on a plate with a lemon wedge, there are few pleasures that surpass that first bite through crunchy golden batter into the succulent white meat, followed by a moreish nibble on a fried chip laden with salt and vinegar...

What is your meal of choice from the chippy? Are you a traditionalist who goes for the classic combo with mushy peas, or do you prefer curry sauce, gravy... or even a battered sausage?

Now, if you'll excuse us... we've got a date with our local chippy! Happy Fryday!