Romy Bauer: Working with Gandeys.

Here at Gandeys World Class Productions we have produced some of the most popular shows around the globe for over 40 years. 

We pride ourselves on successfully providing diverse entertainment in complex and challenging environments, where many have failed before. 
Mostly, we pride ourselves in being a tight-knit company where all who work with us are treated as our 'Gandey Family'.

Romy Bauer, Contortionist, began working with Gandeys from her very early years and has never looked back. We asked her what it was like to work with Gandeys and how she got into circus. 

"My name is Romy Bauer.

My parents were both in circus, and their parents and their parents - actually I'm not sure how far back my family has worked in the business but I know it's many, many generations! I was lucky enough to be born into this business and have always loved it.

Day-to-day I perform an aerial contortion. I have a globe act - which is a giant crystal ball that is suspended from the big top, and an Aerial Hoop act.

How did I get into working with Gandeys? Well my parents began working for Gandeys when I was 2 years old, so apart from a few years I took off to go to school, I have been with this company for most of my life. 

For me, Gandeys is my family. We have a lot of different artists that come and go and they are always so sad to go, it's a lovely company to work for and has such a family environment. People often say it can be very difficult working and living together - but at Gandeys I haven't seen this be a problem."

Romy has just moved from Gandeys Circus to perform with Circus Starr

Romy is delighted to be performing with Circus Starr, which is an incredible organisation providing free entertainment for thousands of disadvantaged, disabled and vulnerable children. Head on over to their Facebook to see what they're up to!