Gandey's Circus - What You Need to Know

Gandey's Circus is currently touring the UK! You may have already seen it on our tour, or perhaps you've seen the posters or heard the Ringmaster Binky on the radio.

How much do you actually know about Gandey's Circus, though?

What is it?

An all-human spectacular thrill circus! The award-winning show features an array of nearly 30 international artistes.

Bringing together world-class performers, new and innovative presentation techniques and unparalleled sound, lighting and costumes, all staged within a state-of-the-art Big Top – Gandey’s is now firmly established as the UK’s premier touring circus.

Where does it come from?

Gandey’s Comedy Circus sprang into life at the turn of the 20th century. Conceived by founder Bob Gandey (1894 – 1953), it started out as a touring revue-style stage presentation.

The show played in all the top theatres across the country, as well as many smaller venues. It quickly found success with a Western theme. Bob Gandey, his wife Rose and young son Joe were the star acts, performing with cowboy whips, rope spinning, an educated pony and stubborn mules.

With the theatre circuit slowing, Bob decided it was time for a different approach. With a change of name and a brand new Big Top, Gandey’s Circus proudly hit the road for its debut tour in 1943.

Joe, along with his wife Mary, carried the Gandey baton after Bob’s death. They firmly established Gandey’s as a small, intimate family show, with a reputation for quality and value for money. Everybody keenly anticipated the annual visit of ‘Uncle Joe’ – his circus was the highlight of the year for thousands of children, from Birmingham to Preston. Joe Gandey’s honest, reasonably-priced and entertaining show was a major influence on the way the circus is run today.

The reins of Gandey’s Circus passed to Phillip Gandey after Joe’s death in 1973. At just 17 years of age, Phillip was Britain’s youngest ever circus director. Phillip’s marriage to Carol, coupled with boundless support from a loyal team, helped to produce a show which has grown ever since.

Who are they?

This year’s incredible array of international award-winning artistes include…

Rocket Man ‘Pablo Garcia’ and his wife, performing high up in the roof of the 2,000 seater Theatre Big Top, direct from Germany.

The beautiful Duo Bella from Cuba, performing a unique hair hanging aerial ballet above the audience.

Duo Siffolini from Bulgaria, performing awe-inspiring feats on the Giant Wheel of Death.

The Serik Brothers from Kazakhstan on the acrobatic aerial straps.

The Tangier Troupe from Morocco – seven acrobatic sons of the desert.

Las Chicas Morales from Central America on the Rolling Globes, an act unique in Europe.

The Emilia Sisters from the Caribbean with an incredible display of gymnastics and dexterity on the vertical poles.

Royalle’s Showgirls will be supporting the acts with stunningly choreographed dance routines, combined with amazing lighting effects and a pulsating beat under the watchful eye of Gandeys' Ringmaster – the enigmatic Mr Binky Beaumont!

And not forgetting... Europe’s favourite clown Chico Rico!

Where are they?

The show is currently running at The Big Heath in Knutsford, before moving on to Isle of Man, Leigh, Guernsey and Jersey.

The tour dates can be found here.