Red Nose Day 2017

It's Red Nose Day today – a day when lovely charitable people across the UK cast their inhibitions aside, pop on a big red nose and fundraise in imaginative wacky and wonderful ways! 

Red Nose Day is organised by Comic Relief and occurs every two years. The 'red nose' in the name is inspired by the traditional red noses of clowns, of course, so we can be forgiven for thinking of our very own Chico Rico whenever we hear the words!

Lots of celebrities normally get involved in the fundraising, with the BBC hosting a widely-anticipated evening of comedy sketches and antics, interspersed with the touching real life footage of those less fortunate, which reminds us why fundraising is so important.

It's a great cause, with Comic Relief having raised over £1bn since its launch in 1988!

So what highlights can we expect to grace our TVs tonight?

James Corden's Car Pool Karaoke special – Take That are in LA with The Late Late Show host for a very special sing-a-long.

Red Nose Day Actually – The cast of Love Actually reunite to find out what happened to the beloved characters 13 years after the original.

Peter Kay's Car Share – Exclusive first look at the second series of Peter Kay's sitcom.

Middle Class Jeremy Kyle – David Walliams pranks the loud-mouthed talk show host.

Hecklers Anonymous – Frankie Boyle, Rebecca Front and Russell Brand star in a sketch about a community support group for people addicted to heckling.

Graham Norton's Big Chat Live – The comedian supersizes his chat show with a ludicrously long sofa to be filled with more star guests than ever before.

And much more... 

It sounds like a great evening on the sofa with a takeaway to us! 

Have you been fundraising for Red Nose Day? Let us know in the comments!