Valentines Day...

On February 14th every year, gifts and gestures of love are exchanged across the globe in celebration of St.Valentine. 

St. Valentine comes from the legend that he served as a priest in Rome in the 3rd century. When Emperor Claudius 2nd outlawed marriage for young men as when single they made better soldiers, St Valentine saw this as a great injustice and continued to perform marriages for young lovers in secret. When his actions were uncovered, the Emperor ordered him to death... not the cheeriest of legends we must admit!

So if your celebrating Valentines this year with your partners, why not ditch the chocs and flowers and go alternative - we've put together the perfect list of unusual gifts for you to give this year!

1. Name a Star have made it possible for you to name a star after your loved one!
When you buy this gift you will receive a certificate of authentication, a framed poster and a star map of where to locate your star all for only £9.99!

2. Personalised Book of Love have a personalised book of love that you can send to your partner! The book is filled with illustrations and one liners about your partner, the little things that make your relationship special! This gift will last a lifetime, especially for those sentimental types. From as little as £12.99!

This one we would love! do a whole range of personalised alcoholic products, including spirits, wines and gift sets! 

The perfect gift for someone who likes a glass of bubbly (or two)!

Gifts starting at £14.

4. Sweet Gift
Your partner got a sweet tooth? Well, have the most perfect gift for you! They do loads of personalised sweet hampers for any taste!

We love this gift, a fantastic twist on the old box of chocs!

Lots of places at the moment have Valentines offers for two! are doing romantic getaways starting at £60 for you and your partner which look amazing!

Or if your not the romantic type, are doing a stand up comedy night out for two starting at £15! 

Or you could really go all out and spoil your partner with tickets to a show! The Lady Boys of Bangkok at the moment have a special Valentines deal, where if you buy any full price ticket for any show - you get a free glass of bubbly (and who wouldn't want that!).

So what are you getting for your loved one this Valentines?