The Thai Shack...

Everyone knows that the Lady Boys of Bangkok's purpose built venue The Sabai Pavilion is your one stop shop for exotic Thailand cabaret, but did you know it's also a destination of delicious culinary delights? In this blog we're going to explore the authentic Thai dishes on offer to our audiences from our Thai Shack and amazing chefs who prepare them.

Head Chef - Natawat Purephamee (left) & Sou Chef - Phaiboon Champathong

As you enter the foyer of the Sabai Pavilion your senses are greeted with the authentic smell of delicious Thai food wafting through the air, as if you were working down a busy street in Bangkok itself. As you follow the smell, belly grumbling, you are greeted by our Head Chef - Mr Natawat Purephamee and Sou Chef - Mr Phaibook Champathong of the Thai Shack. 

Natawat has been with the Lady Boys of Bangkok cabaret show for 13 years having previously worked at The Emerald - a prestigious luxury hotel in Bangkok. Phaibook, on the other hand, has only been part of the family for 4 years, but before that worked as a chef at the Mambo Club in Bangkok - the club where our very own glamorous cast perform in Thailand.

These two talented chefs have had a passion for the culinary arts from a young age and a career as a chef was always on the forefront of their minds when they were growing up in Bangkok. Phaibook described his career cooking for audiences of The Lady Boys of Bangkok as "his dream job". Having travelled extensively throughout the UK during their with the show, we asked the chef's what their favourite thing about the UK was, Natawat rather surprisingly replied with "The weather - Thailand is very hot, so I enjoy the cold weather when I visit". Phaibook added "The people, in the UK the people are very friendly."

From the array of mouth watering, freshly cooked dishes available from the Thai Shack - including Chicken Curry, Stir Fried Pork and a Street Food Platter - we asked the chef's what their favourite dish was. "A difficult choice, but I like the Chicken Satay the best." Natawat said, but Phaibook had to go with the traditional Thai meal of Stir Fried Pork and Cashew Nuts, "audiences really seem to love that one - and I do too!". We also asked the chef's what their favourite English delicacy was, to which the unanimous decision was Fish and Chips!

In their downtime, Natawat enjoys watching movies from Thailand and Phaibook enjoys reading, but we asked them both, when they are touring with the show, what their favourite town was. Natawat loves the hustle, bustle and the seaside of Brighton - he also enjoys "visiting all of the local restaurants, which there are many in Brighton." Phaibooks heart lies much further north in the land of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, where he "loves the accent and people."

Working as a chef at the UK's favourite touring cabaret show is busy work, but when they do get a chance to watch the show we asked what their favourite number was. After some thinking and a quick powwow both decided on the Lady Boys of Bangkok classic finale, which our fans will know, I AM WHAT I AAAAAM - by the amazing Gloria Gaynor.

That's it! A quick look into the lives of our amazing resident chef's who prepare all of the authentic food of Thailand for our audiences in the UK. The Thai Shack can be found in the foyer of the Sabai Pavilion at every one of our shows with meals starting at £6.50. Scroll down below for our full menu and kŏr hâi jà-rern aahăan.