Life in plastic, it's fantastic!

There's one name you may have heard flying around the news and social media airwaves over the past week - 'Renee Zellweger'. That's right everyone's favourite blundering journalist (with a rather questionable English accent) has made a comeback, of sorts, during a rare public appearance at ELLE's 21st annual Women in Hollywood Awards in LA and her name has been ringing in our ears ever since. You find yourself asking 'Well what warrants this surge in public interest? A new film role perhaps? Fashion range? Fragrance? BRIDGET JONES 3?' and the answer would be none of the above - it's her new...........face. That's right Renee has gone and got herself a new face, we here at the Lady Boys HQ are all about the glam but Renee's is certainly shocking mostly due to the stark contrast from her previous image. 

While you let that sink in lets go on a journey through the wonderful of celebrity changelings as they make or break not only their careers but also their faces....

First up it's everyone's favourite Osbourne - SHARRRROOOOON or to everyone else besides Ozzy Sharon Osborune. The musical manager from Brixton is best known for her portrayal of herself in the reality TV show that bears the family name and also her hard nosed judging on the X Factor. However her nose isn't the only thing that may be hard on Sharon's face as the star has admitted to spending a whopping £300,000 on surgery! Compared to other celebrity facial mishaps Sharon's surgery, though very apparent when compared with her old photos, doesn't look to bad and she has promised that she would not have any surgery on her lips or eyes - which is a very level headed proclamation.

This is an example of somebody going a little bit to far down under the knife. This is Jocelyn Wildenstein a famous New York socialite whose been experimenting with plastic surgery since 1997 and if your finding it hard to decipher her age she is 74. We were under the assumption that plastic surgery was supposed to make your ageing face look younger, not mask your age completely beneath an ageless mask. Her plastic surgery antics have earned her the name "Cat Woman" which you probably guessed is based on her Lion-esque facial demeanour.

Now onto a more successful story the ageless Jennifer Aniston who turned 45 this year, yes that's right 45 and it turns out she may have had a helping hand. Rachel, sorry...Jennifer doesn't deny have plastic surgery on her nose but it is rumoured she has also had face lifts, Botox and some other forms of facial augmentation to try and keep her face useful! Celebrities could take not of Jennifer s less is more approach to plastic surgery as it seems to be doing to trick. 

All this talk of plastic reminds us of the plastic themed number we have in this years Lady Boys of Bangkok production 'Red Hot Kisses' which we're currently showcasing to the lovely people of Leeds for our last two days! Then it's on to Belfast! We think we may need a lift by the end of this tour......