Thailand - more than just a home to the Lady's....

Well as you know here at Lady Boys HQ we love a bit of Thailand, from Lady Boys to Monkey Buffet Festivals it's certainly a country of contrasts! As Bangkok is the home town to the beautiful Lady's we thought we would tease you with some tantalising Thai treats and show you some of the places we and hopefully you would like to visit in Thailand. Hopefully it doesn't make the Lady's to homesick, although who could be homesick in the heart of Geordie land - never a dull moment that's for sure. We are going for a more natural wonder as opposed to the best bars in Bangkok - so on the with the scenery porn.

First up we have this masterpiece of natures relenting force, it may look like a painting but it is actually a waterfall dubbed Thi Lo Su. It's located in North West Thailand within the Umphang Wildlife Sanctuary of the Tak Province and is claimed to be the largest and highest waterfall in Thailand. Though no actual surveys of the area have been undertaken, so this could be a fraudulent claim. You can never trust those waterfalls, very slippery customers.........*tumble-weed. Doing away with the terrible jokes, I think we can all agree this is one hell of a beautiful waterfall and it definitely makes its way on our list.

People may recognise this beautiful vista from the iconic plateaus of the Khao Sok National Park in southern Thailand. This area is associated with lush rainforests, clear tranquil waters and those aforementioned tree topped pillars which tower out of the water proud and defiant of there difference - kind of like our Lady Boys! We would wager the Lady's have never been compared to a land form before so theirs a clearly a first for everything. This is an area of Thailand very popular with tourists and it's easy to see why, in fact we're going to give you one more picture to appreciate out of the kindness of our hearts. 

Whistle sufficiently wettened? Suddenly getting an itching sensation on your feet? Well before you don your boots and dart out the door lets wrap this blog up. As you can see Thailand is a very beautiful country which certainly has a lot offer, so every now and then you may see the odd scenery blog just to tide you over with some beautiful pictures of places in Thailand. Speaking of beautiful and Thai our very own Beautiful Thailand Scenery is currently coming to the end of its first amazing week in Newcastle, and that's The Lady Boys of Bangkok show of course. You can see all our tour dates and times here - link - hope to see you soon!