Oh how we love you narcissistic animals....

Seeing as it's Friday we have a special treat for aaaaalllll (used in the most ironic sense) blog readers out there! We here at the Lady Boys HQ love animals, big animals, small animals, medium animals, fictitious animals and especially vain animals, so what we have for you today is our round-up of the best animal selfies that we have collated from all over the weird and wonderful land of the Internet! This blog post was inspired by the selfie monkey which has been all over the news recently for his rather dashing self portrait taken with a stolen camera! Kim Kardashian aint got nothing on this prehensile picture prodigy!

First up we have what has to be the internet's favourite animal, the domestic cat....Now if you get all your factual information on the evolution of animals from Cravendale adverts as we do, you'll know that cat's have developed opposable thumbs and with these thumbs have apparently become quite self obsessed. Evidence of which is below (the bottom one has to be our favourite).

It's not just Cats that love a selfie, the natural arch enemy Dogs have also known to partake this this self photography. If we were as happy as the first dog, and had as much swag as the second our lives would be complete....

You may be thinking that selfie Monkey is forerunner in the world of exotic animal selfies, but he is in fact just one of a long line of photo savvy animals from all over the globe. In fact we are pretty sure that if any other animal had invented the camera first this selfie craze would have come about alot sooner than it has for us Humans.

And lets not forget some of the animals we have here in the UK as well! Does anyone else think the horse on the left looks abit like Robbie Savage

Now this selfie may not have strictly been taken by the Llama, or is that an Alpaca? Well for now lets dub it a Llamaca! But the sheer joy it's face is a good enough reason to share it with you as any! 
When alls said and done what can be better than pretending animals can take selfies and laughing at the results? What's that you say? The Lady Boys of Bangkok playing their second weekend of show in Edinburgh! Well your in luck, because they are. We are loving Edinburgh at the moment, a venue that never fails to amaze. If your after tickets then look no further, obvious link time - LINK -
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