Happy Hooves...

Well seen as we haven't had a circus themed blog in a while we though we would treat you to some Friday Circus themed fun in the form of these two happy hoofed elephants! Now we all know the basics about Elephants, their large, their mammals, they have a decent set of ears and they love classical music? We'd forgive you for not knowing the later as we have only just found this out ourselves through watching the below video!

This rather talented violinist was due to perform the Bach Concerto the Two Violins with the Wisconsin Chamber Orchestra at the Circus World Museum in Baraboo in Wisconsin, United States when she decided perform her warm up for some rather unexpectedly appreciative recipients. The Elephants can be seen swaying along to Bach, proving that those ears didn't just evolve to help cool them down! These guys go a way to prove that even the most unlikely of people (and animals) may enjoy something once given the chance to partake in it. The same goes for our circus shows, not been before? Think it may not be to your liking? Give a show a go, we promise not to disappoint.

Our circus shows in Butlin's are coming to a close now after another great run at the English holiday destinations, but theirs still time to catch us if you find yourself with the opportunity of seeing one of the amazing shows! Keep an eye on our blog, facebook page and website for any upcoming productions!