Red Hot World Cup!

Well it’s here and whether you like it or not you’re going to be hearing rather a lot of the World and this Cup it’s so interested in over the next month. Even if you have little interest in the beautiful game generally, it’s hard not to find yourself swept up in the tide of patriotism that engulfs England for a month every four years. Flags waving tirelessly out of windows of cars, St Georges Cross’s hanging out of every pub window, those annoying horns from South Africa and the all-important quintessential World Cup song! Thailand isn't in the world cup this year so all of the LadyBoys sequinned and glittering support is being given to England, their home away from home!

If you know us here at the Lady Boys you know were all about the beats, and that the Lady love nothing better than an excuse to strut their stuff! This raison d'ĂȘtre even rings true when it comes to World Cup Songs - so today we have a run-down of our favourites from Shakira to Fat Les, the ones you love and the ones that beg the question ‘who ever thought this was a good idea?’.

First up its the classic, one of the ones that's really the unofficial song at every world cup for England and no 1 choice for fans, Fat Les with 'Vindaloo'. With quite possibly the easiest to remember lyrics in the entirety of music-dom it's not hard to see why this song became a chant in it's own right, its ripe with British attitude whilst encapsulating the nations love of a good curry, what more could you want? The video has a fair few celebs in it, but see if you can spot a young Lily Allen in amongst the crowds, she's there we promise!

The South African World Cup song back in 2010 sung by the lovely Columbian singer Shakira was definitely a favourite of the Lady Boys with its dancey hip shakeable beat. The African undertones, drums, kicking of sand and ethnically diverse dancers caught the multicultural spirit of the World Cup and made it one to remember, well that and it's ludicrously catchy chorus which she clearly stole from Pacman, Waka Waka!!

The latest offering in the World of World Cup songs is the Worldly hit from Pitbull and J Lo dubbed 'Ole Ola'. Now this song has tired to mirror the success of Pacmans, I mean Shakira's 'Waka Waka' but it hasn't been flying around our heads as much as it's 4 year junior. It fails to capture the feel of the host country like Shakira's song, which is a shame as Brazil certainly isn't short on character! It does however have a catchy rhythm, and the costumes in the video are enough to make the Lady Boys weep with envy! If you didn't get a chance to watch the opening ceremony over in Brazil, click on this link to see the moment the lift failed to raise Pitbull and J Lo out the giant football - rather a face to palm moment, but isn't Pitbull chivalrous?

Whatever song get's you in the World Cup spirit this weekend be sure to let us know in the comments! Meanwhile the Lady Boys of Bangkok are getting all carnival, and feeling slightly miffed that Pitbull didn't ask us to be in his video with costumed like these, all in preparation for England's game this weekend! That's if they get chance to watch with the final night in Cardiff and getting ready to bring the Red Hot party to Manchester! It's a hard life! 

Now who's ordering the Vindaloo?