Summer Festivities!

Summers a coming and we all know what that means, what’s that I hear? More rain you say rather pessimistically/realistically? Well very possibly yes, rain, odd sunny spells and those all-important summer staples FESTIVALS. Festivals mean a lot of things to a lot of people, to some it’s a muddy field full of tents and drunken teenagers, and to others it’s a more family based experience. Regardless of your skew festivals are all about fully embracing the spirit of things, and we here in the UK are sure good at that – so long as there’s alcohol involved! 

The festival season is well under way here in old Blighty, and in defiance of the weather people are donning the wellies and enjoying “summer” (note the use of bunny ears). What we have here for you lovely blog followers, yes you, sadly you’re the only one, is a festival round up of sorts. A one stop shop, all you need, A to Z and another cliché festival guide that you can peruse at your own leisure, or just completely disregard. 

After doing a quick search of festivals going on this summer it came to my attention that there is an unfeasible amount for me to stick into one blog. Basically meaning I lack fortitude to write about them and I suspect people (that’s you) will lack the willingness to read it, so sticking to the highlights it is. 

First up we have the Isle of Wight Festival taking place between 12th – 15th June, this lesser known of the larger festivals takes place on…you guessed it the majestically named Isle of Wight. This year’s headlines down on the isle are certainly shaping up to be all-wight (cue the tumbleweed and apologies for making you sound like Dick Van Dyke).  The likes of the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Biffy Clyro and even the subtle Southern American wailings of the Kings of Leon will be gracing your ear holes if you so choose to present oneself at this festival. However it isn't recommended if the motion of the ocean strikes you with bouts of queasiness, a ferry rides a must I'm afraid.

Like a bi-polar person on a merry go round were switching over to another festival experience all together here with the Download Festival taking place from 13th – 15th June at Donington Park in Derby. This is arguably the biggest British rock festival and as you can see from the above picture attracts metal and rock fans from all over the country throwing up more sign of the horns than there are sequins in the Lady Boys of Bangkok show (bet you were waiting for that for that reference which is also a false equivalency because nothing has more sequins than The Lady Boys of Bangkok show). This year’s line-up includes such contemporary acts as Linken Park and Fall Out Boy and more old school rock bands like Aerosmith and even Status Quo, catering to a wide aged audience.

Another festival taking place in June is certainly a highlight on any festival goer’s calendar and that’s Glastonbury from the 25th – 29th June. Now stated as the largest greenfield festival in the world, Glastonbury is attended by over 175,000 people every year who all flock Worthy Farm in sunny Somerset wellies in hand, to soak up the bohemian atmosphere and listen to some music. From humble beginning as a free festival influenced by hippie ethics Glastonbury has become a globally recognized contemporary arts festival, tickets to which are harder to come by than a Gandey’s blog post without the obligatory name dropping. By the way has it been mentioned that the Lady Boys of Bangkok are currently touring the UK? Oh - well fellow this subtle link for more information – plug. If your one of the lucky 175,000 buggers (no bitterness on this end)  that managed to get a ticket then you have a lot to look forward to Arcade Fire, Metallica, Kasabian, Lily Allen, The Black Keys, Ed Sheeran, De La Soul and Lana Del Ray are just a few of the artists playing and that’s only the main stage.

For the more family orientated experience Latitude is definitely up there on the list of recommendations. Taking place from the 17th – 20th July in Henham Park Suffolk, it’s a much more relaxed and family friendly festival atmosphere with music, movies, stand-up comedians, literature and even multi-coloured sheep’s. Not only this but when I went to Latitude back in 2012 they had a bar with beds for tables, so lying in bed with a pint was a major selling point for me. Artists such as the one and only DamonAlbarn, The Black Keys, Editors and stand-up comedians like Dara O Briain and Al Murray may also entice you to this artsy festival.

The Lady Boys love the UK festival scene, any excuse to strut their stuff eh? Thailand is home to many a unique festival some of which you can check out here, so they sure do know how to get into the spirit of things. Summer Festival Fever!!

What festivals are you looking forward to this summer? Let us know in the comments!