Shirley Bassey Eat Your Heart Out

You may have heard the name Conchita Wurst in the news over the last week; by ‘may’ I mean certifiably you will have without a doubtedly heard it, unless you live under a rock or just outside of Europe. The enigmatic bearded beauty recently won the Eurovision Song Contest 2014 for Austria with her fabulously James Bond-esque song Rise Like a Phoenix, we here are also a big fan of stunningly overt metaphors so it gets double brownie points from the Lady Boys. The song deservedly stole the show and there’s no denying that Conchita has a healthy set of lungs on her, if you didn't get chance to watch it check the link out below.

Conchitas male counterpart is called Thomas “Tom” Neuwirth, an Austrian born natural star who rose to fame in 2007 after reaching the finals of the Austrian casting show Starmania, Austria’s answer to Britain’s Got Talent. As with most reality stars Tom sadly faded into obscurity after the show, but triumphantly returned to television in 2011 as Conchita Wurst, kind of like a phoenix rising from the ashes, wonder where I’ve heard that before? Coming out as Conchita was as you would expect a very personal choice for Tom, he was quoted as saying "This is about an important message, it's a call for tolerance for everything that seems different” and this is the kind of tolerance we can certainly get behind. However Tom himself has said that he is not a transsexual, just a man who happens to like wearing women’s clothes and why not?


Moving on back to the song, we are huge fans of this year’s Eurovision winner everything from the big ballad sounds to the perfectly executed sweeping arm movements that would even give Take That a run for their money (no pun intended). The song played with an air of a James Bond theme about it, filling the mind’s eye with the sights and sounds of Shirley Bassey’s Goldfinger, Adele’s Skyfall or our personal favourite Garbage’s The World isNot Enough. Concita Wurst for the next bond girl anyone? Not surprisingly Tom actually performed Goldfinger in the Starmania finale, so now we know where Conchita got her James Bond Diva flare from. Let us know what your favourite bond theme is, unless it’s Madonna, then you don’t get a say.

Applause should also be given to the Eurovision’s technical team as the stage the artists performed on was fantastic; throwing out dying flames and embers behind Conchita as she sang her heart out. What did you think of the song, remind you of any of your favourite ballads?

Conchita's performance was met with enthusiasm throughout the continent and the world, even Russia gave her 4 points in the competition. Not only do the public love her and her beard, but she took the celebrity world by storm as well. From Philip Schofield to Boy George numerous celebs tweeted out there support for Conchita, with Russell Brand taking his own comical skew on events making note of his likeness to the singer by donning a dress and tweeting “I don't normally endorse voting but please vote for me on #Eurovision tonight. #Austria”.

Even the one and only George Takei, that’s right Ensign Sulu tweeted this rather amusing picture of Conchita Wurst (which means sausage in German) engrained within a sausage, oh myyyyy.

The Lady Boys of Bangkok understandably have nothing but respect for Conchita Wurst and will certainly be tuning in to watch her on The Graham Norton Show tomorrow night, you go girl and sometimes boy.