Update: The Moscow Grand Circus in Abu Dhabi

It has been non stop at Gandey World Class Productions headquarters recently. With preparation for next years Lady Boys of Bangkok show in full swing and the all new production of the Moscow Grand Circus about to begin, we're lucky if we get a moment to update the blog! Luckily we've managed to grab a few minutes this morning to give you a little bit of an insight though. The UK crew have now left to begin the set up in Abu Dhabi, whilst the Lady Boys tour is now in Newcastle Upon Tyne. The "Moscow Grand Circus" is set to take place at Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre in association with ADNEC Live Events from Wednesday 25th until Sat 28th September 2013. Following the success of the Chinese State Circus in Abu Dhabi last year, Gandey World Class Productions have put together a stunning show for this event, featuring a full line up of non stop talent. There will be no 'fillers' within the production with each performing artiste as strong as the former. 

Artistes to perform as part of the Moscow Grand Circus in Abu Dhabi include:

Victoria Antipova - Aerial Rope
Anna Rastsova - Swinging Trapeze
Stoliarov Clowns Kara - Gymnastic Bars
Russian swing by Sergeii Dydyk
Russian Bar "Rome" by Svetlana Gvozdetskaya
Albert Arslanov - Knife juggling and "love Story"
Duo Charm - Aerial straps and Juggling on Unicycle
Fakhriddin Akhnazarov - Strongman

As you can see we have award winning acts, including a couple of Monte Carlo winners!

Abu Dhabi are in for an absolute spectacle!