Pattaya Street Kids Charity

If you're a fan of the Lady Boys of Bangkok UK show then you will have undoubtedly have heard all about our support of the Pattaya Street Kids charity. The UK registered charity was started in March 2000 and aims to give the street kids of Thailand a better quality of life by providing essential clothing and equipment, whilst also helping the children to gain a better education. Each year the Lady Boys of Bangkok audience helps this great cause by having a collection at the end of each show, and this year we are pleased to announce that our amazing fans have donated an incredible:
so far this tour!! 

Smiles all round from the Pattaya kids!
As we're sure you can imagine, this money will prove invaluable to the many children it will go to. 100% of this money is donated directly to the children without any deductions or expenses taken from the charity itself. If you visit the Kids in Pattaya Facebook page you can see for yourself what kind of supplies this money can buy! It really is a brilliant cause and one close to the hearts of our Lady Boys, so if you do visit the show please keep in mind that your loose change can really make a child from a less fortunate background's dreams come true. From buying beds and blankets, to daily essentials such as clothing and food, every penny is sent to these children to have a better life.

The Lady Boys of Bangkok would like to personally thank every single person who has donated to the Pattaya Street Kids charity.