A Celebration of Diversity!

As you will know if you follow our blog and our shows, here at Gandey World Class Productions we love anything and anyone who celebrates their own individuality and unique style. Channelling what's on the inside and creating your own unique celebration of who you really are is what we love. When we read about transgender catwalk model Nicole Gibson, who recently whipped up a storm on the catwalk, we were in awe of her confidence and beauty. Nicole was born in to a males body and named Glen, but is now celebrating her feminine curves and look, recently taking part in the phenomenal catwalk show arranged by Edita from Pret-a-Reporter in association with Models of Diversity called Catwalk4change. 

transgender catwalk model Nicole Gibson www.gandeyworld.com

Models of Diversity gives all races, ages, shapes, sizes and abilities the opportunity to break the fashion and marketing industries 'norm' by arranging modelling workshops and events to celebrate equal opportunities and diversity beyond the stereotypes. Nicole was spotted by Models of Diversity and just days before Nicole's gender reassignment operation she was walking down the catwalk in luscious designs and beautiful make up. This operation is the final step in her life to becoming the female on the outside which she has always been on the inside, and we admire Nicole's bravery and beauty.