Bearded lady Mariam, from Germany....

If there's one thing the Lady Boys of Bangkok know about, it's about feeling and being different from everyone else. And this is why we have now got a new icon in our lives.... Bearded lady Mariam, from Germany, who has never felt sexier in the 28 years since sprouting her facial hair after the birth of her son in 1985. On 'This Morning' Mariam tells Holly Willoughby all about her experiences with the decades of plucking and preening her 'goatee' and how she has now finally embraced her new look - never feeling more confident! In 2008 Mariam decided to let nature take over and now this admirable lady makes a living from her new found follicles of confidence by travelling the world as part of festivals; even taking part in a Circus show as the bearded lady! 

As with anything or anyone who decides to break from the 'norm' Mariam's journey has not been an easy one. Receiving horrible and cruel comments about her appearance is something that unfortunately Mariam is used to, but that doesn't phase this brave woman and her courageous and admirable journey of self discovery.  Now Mariam no longer fills her days obsessing over her facial hair, no time is wasted in the mirror making sure nobody can see it, and she now has a new sense of freedom and expression which she wants to share with the world! With more self esteem than ever Mariam has  rediscovered a new zest for life. Hats off to you Mariam! We are now obsessed with reading the Bearded Woman Blog  and can't wait for more updates! 
Speaking of bearded ladies, carnivals and side shows, Gandey World Class Productions are proud to present, in association with Van Buren, their very own Victorian Wonders Sideshow which will be launching very soon. Keep a look out on our social media channels and blog for more information!