Cuddle up with a Panda at Hadoduo Panda Hotel

The province of Sichuan is home to a fair amount of China's panda population, and now if you were to pay them a visit you wouldn't have to leave the bears outside when it comes time to bed down.

A Picture of the rooms at Haoduo Panda Hotel

Due to open in May the Haoduo Panda Hotel boast the title of the world's first ever Panda Hotel.
What this title means is that everything inside has been well and truly panda-fied, including the staff who spend their days amusing the guests while dressed-up as the cuddly creatures. Rooms are filled pandas; cuddly-toys cover the tables, chairs and beds whilst art (and occasionally bedding or wallpaper) depicts the real-life versions in their outdoor environment (which is about 2 hours away from the front door).

Staff dressed as Pandas at Hadodou Panda Hotel

You can even re-live some classic romantic moments in panda-form, one room is decked out with a mural of the classic Jack and Rose scene from Titanic (this time featuring Lady-Panda and Mr. Panda as the leading actors). However, if you need to convince some-one a little less cutesy to go with you some rooms also have a secondary theme exploring elements of Traditional Chinese culture.

China is always being highlighted for being home to cutting edge attractions, but this delightfully kawaii hotel is definitely one of our favourites. What do you think?