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A Different Kind of Beauty

Whilst the Lady Boysare definitely not drag queens, we do appreciate a good makeover and support anyone who believes, like us, that they should have the right to define their own sexuality. Which is why we wanted to show you an exciting new art project Half-Drag: A Different Kind of Beauty involving some famous New York queens, taking part as both their drag-act and as their male selves.

Hoppy Easter!

With Easter celebrations coming up this weekend, falling at the same time as The Lady Boys of Bangkok's UK Tour begins, we are finding it a little hard to resist from all the chocolately treats on the shelves right now! From cakes to sweets and all kinds of goodness inbetween, the supermarkets are awash with tempting Easter delights for us to sink our teeth in to! To steer away from temptation we've been eyeing up some of the alternative Easter products available, and some we have found will last a lot longer and be ever so much more satisfying than an Easter Egg, we're sure you'll agree!

We have been lusting after these Irregular Choice Bunny Healed Shoesever since they came on to our radar a few months ago. It's not the first time we have mentioned our love for the Irregular Choice range, but these ones are so completely quirky, cute and... weird, we just had to include them! They're almost too precious to be shoes! We are also loving the Bunny light in the …

Homemade Chinese Takeaway: Kung Po Stir Fry Recipe

Here at Gandey World Class Productions HQwe are partial to a cheeky Chinese take-away every now and again, however, being surrounded by the stunning figures of the Lady Boys of Bangkokwe are also aware that we should keep on top of our calorie intake! In order to compromise we tried out a few healthy, home-made alternatives. We all enjoyed this Kung Po Stir Fryso much we thought we'd share the recipe with you!

Serves 4:
4 tablespoons of Soy Soy 1 teaspoon Chilli Sauce 1 teaspoon of Caster Sugar 1 tablespoon of Cornflour 2 cloves of Garlic 4 Spring Onions 1 tablespoon of Oil (Vegetable or Sesame)
225g of Prawns 450g of Mince 1 Aubergine

Remove the stem and cube the aubergineMix the soy sauce, the stock, the chilli sauce, sugar and the pepper in a bowl (stir well)Seperately mix the cornflour with 4 tablespoons of water.Heat up the oil in a wok, then saute the garlic, half of the spring onions and the prawns and ginger. (This will need about 3-5 minutes, until the prawns begin to brown…

Ciaté Chalkboard... NAILS?

Nails and chalkboards aren't a combination we would usually like to think about but Ciaté, who are renowned for their innovatenail art combo's, have once again gone against the grain (or should that be against the cuticle?) and are set to realise a Chalkboard Manicure very soon! The release date for this most recent idea of awesomeness is the 23rd April 2013, and we can't wait to get our paws on them to begin the chalkboard nail art goodness. The chalkboard manicure is the latest in a running line of cutting edge creations from this British brand. Ciaté are the same people who brought you the revolutionary Caviar Manicure which was a massive nail art trend with celebrities and manicure fans alike! 

The kit comes with everything in to make your nails the talk of the town, including chalk board nail art pens to whip up a manicure frenzy on your fingertips with your own design! The matte finish is bang on trend and just like their velvet effect nail kitbreaks the boundaries …

Travel Beauty Kit!

You may have seen over on Twitterthat theLady Boys of Bangkok have finally landed in the UK! It was a relatively smooth journey from the homeland of Bangkok for the glamorous Lady Boys, and of course they packed their travel essentials - starting off with that all important make up bag! Obviously for performances the Lady Boys like to glam their look up with as much glitter, colour and wow factor as they can squeeze on to their beautifully contoured faces, but for a 12 hour+ flight it seems the lighter the make up, the better! 
Here is a little wish list of the must haves for the gruelling journey:
Kiko BB Compact GlowBenefit The Pore-fessionalLook Beauty Stretch Factor MascaraELF HD Blush*NEW* Benefit Fake Up Concealer We are lusting after each of these products to pop in our travel essential bag for a number of reasons. If you're out and about for hours on end then Benefit Porefessional is the must have to prepare your skin for the day ahead. It smooths out imperfections and act…

Cuddle up with a Panda at Hadoduo Panda Hotel

The province of Sichuan is home to a fair amount of China's panda population, and now if you were to pay them a visit you wouldn't have to leave the bears outside when it comes time to bed down.

Due to open in May the Haoduo Panda Hotel boast the title of the world's first ever Panda Hotel. What this title means is that everything inside has been well and truly panda-fied, including the staff who spend their days amusing the guests while dressed-up as the cuddly creatures. Rooms are filled pandas; cuddly-toys cover the tables, chairs and beds whilst art (and occasionally bedding or wallpaper) depicts the real-life versions in their outdoor environment (which is about 2 hours away from the front door).

You can even re-live some classic romantic moments in panda-form, one room is decked out with a mural of the classic Jack and Rose scene from Titanic (this time featuring Lady-Panda and Mr. Panda as the leading actors). However, if you need to convince some-one a little less…

Beyoncé Knowles (aka Mrs Carter) for H&M 2013!

Hot. Off. The. Press. Beyoncé has been confirmed to be collaborating with H&M this summer for a super swanky new line for 2013. We are more than excited about this. Mainly because, you know, it's BEYONCE. H&M has had a good history of late with their stunning lines and collections at an affordable price. Including the wonderful Lana Del Rey collection which was awash with colourful prints and designs. 

We can't wait to see what the goddess of pop will be releasing in the range. We're thinking sequins and sexy this summer. And hey Mrs Carter, if you'd like to incorporate some fancy shoes with open toes and a nice wedge we won't complain! 

Jessie J Shaves Head For Comic Relief (Video, Pics and Comparisons!)

If you watched Comic Relief 2013 this weekend then you would have seen pop princess Jessie J make friends with some hair clippers and shave off her shiny locks for the cause! Obviously with our celebration and admiration of all things androgynous here at Gandey World Class Productions, we watched on the edge of our seats to see what the star would look like with a 'number 2' all over!

As you can see from the pictures and video's, she definitely pulls it off! And very well indeed... In fact we'd go as far as to say that Jessie J looks even hotter with a shaved head than ever before! She's rocking it like nobody's business, but from the video below it seems like it may take a little getting used too, especially with everyone she talks to wanting to give it a quick rub. Eep!

Jessie J isn't the first female in the public eye to give her hair a drastic transformation though. Remember when Britney had her meltdown? Or when Natalie Portman donned the style for he…

Happy St Patricks Day 2013!

With love from Trevor and the Lady Boysxoxox

China and Pomegranates....?

OK, we will admit that this blog post is a very loose association we've made between the Chinese State Circusperforming in Chesterfield  at the Pomegranate Theatretonight, and the history of the pomegranate itself in the circus performers homeland of China, but we like to think outside of the box from time to time....

The Pomegranate Theatreis a delightful Victorian arch theatre with a capacity of 546 seats. Established in 1949 the Pomegranate Theatre is the country’s oldest civic theatre providing a year round programme of professional touring shows and high quality local amateur productions. The Chinese State Circus cannot wait to lap up the heritage and the beautiful architecture of this precious location!

But let's get back to pomegranates.... They're that awkward red fruit full to the brim of juicy little seeds that are a pain to pop out. But when you do, this super fruit is a tasty treat and the seeds can be used in desserts, salads and smoothies. Praised for it'…

-WIN- With the Lady Boys of Bangkok and Barratts Shoes!

You may have seen us mention on Twitter that the Lady Boys of Bangkok have been planning something special for all our fans in preparation for our forthcoming UK Tour, and now we can reveal what it is! We have teamed up with Barratts shoes to give away not only a pair of tickets to ANY Lady Boys on Bangkok show, but also £50 to spend on shoes on the Barratts website!! You can't get better than that huh?

Not only have we arranged such a super give away for our UK fans, we are also hosting the competition on the gorgeous Victoria's Vintage blog. So if you head across there you can enter the competition using the Rafflecopter form she has kindly added to the blog post! Victoria's Blog is a epicentre of cute, quirky fun with everything from outfit posts to DIY and lifestyle. The Barratts website is also a treasure trove of shoe goodness, including a great range ofparty shoes& a wonderful selection ofmen's shoes too, which would be a treat for your feet for the upcomin…

Yin Yang Tour Heads To Watford Colosseum

On the 10th of March 2013, The IncomparableChinese State Circusare performing at Watford Colosseum! Watford is quaint town and borough in Hertfordshire, located just a stone's throw away from Central London. Watford is home to a range of places of interest such as Cassiobury Park, The Pumphouse Theatre and Arts Centre and of course, our destination for the tour; the Watford Colosseum itself. Seating  up to 1392 for each show, Watford Colosseum is home to some of the best live entertainment and music outside just of London.
Watford Colosseumis also home to a stunning Compton Organ which is a little piece of history in it's own right! The Chinese State Circus won't be needing the organ for their night at the Colosseum though, unless we learn a few tunes to perform the act to in the meantime!
To buy your tickets to this venue and more, please head to