Rihanna for MAC!

We all knew it was only going to be a matter of time before MAC cosmetics teamed up with the pop power that is Rihanna. And now we have our sneaky paws on one of the first images to be released from the forthcoming collection for 2013! Like most things to do with Ri Ri though, opinion seems to be divided as to whether or not the range is a hit, miss or maybe! What do you think?
Whilst we absolutely adore the shade of that lipstick and the look of the rose gold packaging, we can see why some may be a little undecided about the range. The baby pink adds a slight edge of fun to the range though which makes us think of how fun loving and free Rihanna can be (ooh we're poets!) but the metallic casing also adds a touch of maturity to the aesthetic qualities of the packaging design. Apparently this is just a snippet of 4 mini collections Rihanna is set to release with MAC, so we can't wait to check out more! We're wondering if Rihanna will be playing on her alter ego's or perhaps creating a 'naughty' and 'nice' range, but who knows. What would you like to see from the collaboration?