Chinese State Circus Tour Diary So Far!

It's been a whirlwind week or two on the Chinese State Circus UK tour so far! And what a brilliant start to 2013 it has been for our talented Circus champions. With some exquisite venues and beautiful locations, it's been an absolute pleasure to be able to see the UK from a unique perspective on our coach of Circus dreams. It all started in Scotland where the Chinese State Circus performed at the incredible Kings Theatre in Glasgow, then they moved swiftly on to the Edinburgh Playhouse for another set of shows. Both venues welcomed the Chinese State Circus with open arms with an electric atmosphere and warm reception from the crowds of people that attended... Thank you Scotland, we will be back! 

The talented Circus Performers then took the journey south to the awe inspiring Buxton Opera House, the most lavish venue imaginable! It was an absolute pleasure to see the classical features of the Opera House in the flesh, as images just do not do it justice!! The show was an intimate one which packed the venue out, with varied mix of audience members that came. From youngsters to the elderly the applause never seemed to stop, and the Chinese State Circus certainly enjoyed being the limelight of Buxton for the 3 nights they were performing at the Opera House!!

The circus then packed up their dragon costumes and hats (yes, hats! You're in for a treat if you've not seen the show yet) and headed across to Shrewsbury Theatre Severn where they have just finished up two days of wonderment for the locals! Once again, a brilliant night had by all and we are currently syphoning through the ridiculous amount of amazing comments and feedback we have had for the performances so far! Now the Chinese State Circus are taking a well deserved day off before they head back out again(!) to their next location; Preston Guild Hall.

If you'd like to get your mitts on some tickets there's still time, just head to and select the location you would like! 

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