Chinese State Circus on Channel 4's Sunday Brunch!

You may have seen us mention on Facebook and Twitter yesterday that some of our stars from the Chinese State Circus sneaked down to London for an exciting appearance on Channel 4's Sunday Brunch! It was all fun and frolics on the set of Sunday Brunch, in celebration of Chinese New Year which fell on the very same day! Tim and Simon greeted the Circus stars to the set with their usual friendly and warm welcome, making the entire experience utterly brilliant.
Oh, hello!
Monkey being a scamp!
Plate Spinning behind the scenes!
Super plate spinning skills
Tim and Simon having a go!
What do we think? Shall we invite Simon and Tim on the next few tour dates to make a guest appearance?! We're not sure they would be able to pull off the luxurious Pink costumes though....!
Sunday Brunch is on Channel 4 Sunday mornings from 9.30am!