Chinese Delicacies

With the UK currently in the middle of a scandal regarding Horse Meat in the food chain, which has been very prominent in the news during the Chinese State Circus UK & Irish tour this season, we thought we'd take a bit of time out to have look at some Chinese Delicacies that our UK fans might find a little bit difficult to stomach! Food is a big part of, well, everything in China. With some of the strangest delicacies in the world, it's no wonder the cuisine is something of a highlight amongst tourists and travellers that visit the country. Here's our top three Chinese Delicacies which are either going to make you very hungry... Or never want to eat again, enjoy!

The Century Egg:
The century egg or 'pidan', is a preserved duck, chicken or quail egg. The egg is preserved in clay, ash, salt, quicklime and rice hulls which cocoons the egg from several weeks to many months to create this black and green delicacy. The scent of the egg is described as similar to sulphur  which doesn't sound too delicious now does it? But this is a popular treat in China! With a black-brown clear jelly containing a murky green toned  solidified yolk, the Century Egg also doesn't look like the tastiest thing on the menu either!

Birds Nest Soup.
When some people think of Birds Nest Soup they imagine a delicate little basket made to look like a birds nest within a bowl of soup... You're almost completely, not right at all. Birds Nest Soup is literally soup, made from bird's nests. Not just any bird though. The 'nest' comes from the 'Swift' bird, in particular the 'Cave Swift' who build saliva nests which are the main ingredient for what is one of the most expensive animal products consumed by humans in the world today! The soup is said to have many health benefits, such as helping asthma, raising libido's and aiding digestion, but at up to $100USD per bowl in Hong Kong, would you try it?

And finally....
Duck Chins.
The Chinese seem to eat most parts of this feathered friend. But the most unusual in our opinion is the duck chin. Who knew ducks even had chins?! We almost went with featuring the Duck Tongue, but no, we stuck to the chin. Apparently these are very tasty and contain a deceptive amount of meat.  They are served deep fried coated in Salt and Pepper and the part you are eating is the lower beak area which is attached the the ducks neck. Tasty.

Would you be treating yourself to any of these weird and wonderful Chinese cuisine creations?? Have you eaten stranger things you'd like to share? Go for it in the comments section below.