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Rihanna for MAC!

We all knew it was only going to be a matter of time before MAC cosmetics teamed up with the pop power that isRihanna. And now we have our sneaky paws on one of the first images to be released from the forthcoming collection for 2013! Like most things to do with Ri Rithough, opinion seems to be divided as to whether or not the range is a hit, miss or maybe! What do you think? Whilst we absolutely adore the shade of that lipstick and the look of the rose gold packaging, we can see why some may be a little undecided about the range. The baby pink adds a slight edge of fun to the range though which makes us think of how fun loving and free Rihanna can be (ooh we're poets!) but the metallic casing also adds a touch of maturity to the aesthetic qualities of the packaging design. Apparently this is just a snippet of 4 mini collections Rihanna is set to release with MAC, so we can't wait to check out more! We're wondering if Rihanna will be playing on her alter ego's or perh…

When The Lady Boys of Bangkok Met.... Geordie Shore!

Fans of the hit TV showGeordie Shore will be pleased to see the return of their favourite stars of the North tonight, for yet another series! It's the 5th time on the small screen for the 'toon army'  this time showcasing fun and frolics on their stag and hen adventures. Travelling across Europe to the best of the continents Stag and Hen destinations.... From Amsterdam to Tignes, the series follows the stars along the way! It's guaranteed to have you laughing, cringing and possibly having a little bit of a cry throughout. Enough of the new series though, remember that time when the stars of Geordie Shore met our Lady Boys of Bangkok.....?
Cheeky James Tindale didn't seem to know what to do with himself when the beautiful Lady Boys of Bangkok rolled in to town!  Well, until the Lady Boys took to the stage and of course, then James wasn't one to let other's take the limelight.....

Switswoo we say! If you missed the Lady Boys of Bangkok on their last Newcastl…

Rihanna For River Island

Ri Ri is hitting the news again, but this time the bad girl has gone good and launched a show stopping collaboration withRiver Island,which was debuted on the catwalk at London Fashion Week. We've been following the #LFW hashtag incessently over on Twitter but the one thing that stood out and took the timeline's by storm was Rihanna'snew collection for River Island for 2013. The tweets seemed to be quite divided on the super star and her new range. With some claiming it was the worst collaboration to hit the High Street ever... Whilst other's fell completely in love at first sight with the show.
Rihanna herself wore a rather reserved little black dress when she took the stage at London Fashion Week, keeping it classy and chic, but can the same be said for the range itself?

Taking key grunge elements such as the black fishnet number and mixing it up with somewhat erratic bursts of yellow and red, we are a little undecided if even our Lady Boys of Bangkok could pull the …

Chinese Delicacies

With the UK currently in the middle of a scandal regarding Horse Meat in the food chain, which has been very prominent in the news during theChinese State CircusUK & Irish tour this season, we thought we'd take a bit of time out to have look at some Chinese Delicacies that our UK fans might find a little bit difficult to stomach! Food is a big part of, well, everything in China. With some of the strangest delicacies in the world, it's no wonder the cuisine is something of a highlight amongst tourists and travellers that visit the country. Here's our top three Chinese Delicacies which are either going to make you very hungry... Or never want to eat again, enjoy!
The Century Egg:
The century egg or 'pidan', is a preserved duck, chicken or quail egg. The egg is preserved in clay, ash, salt, quicklime and rice hulls which cocoons the egg from several weeks to many months to create this black and green delicacy. The scent of the egg is described as similar to sulphu…

Sneaky Valentines Give Away!

Happy Valentines Day to all of our readers, fans and followers!! For a quick treat for you all in the UK this Valentines Day, we are having a flash giveaway with Bad Apple Cosmetics over on the Lady Boys of Bangkok Twitter!!

Simply head over to the competition tweet, then RT & Follow The Lady Boys andBad Apple Cosmetics! It couldn't be simpler. There will be more than one winner, who will be sent THREE Bad Apple Nail Varnishes in a selection of colours. They're super vibrant, high quality polishes which haven't left our finger tips recently and we can't wait to share them with the lucky winners! We will choose the winners and the colours tomorrow (15th February 2013) and announce them on our Twitter page! *VALENTINES GIVEAWAY!* RT & Follow @theladyboys & @badappleinc to win 3 nail varnishes! Winners announced tomorrow!…
— Lady Boys Of Bangkok (@TheLadyBoys) February 14, 2013


A Pretty Pink Valentine

It's a bit of a colour over load here on the blog this week, but with Valentines Day tomorrow we didn't need any other excuses to post some pink themed goodness. We absolutely adore this time of year, and with the current UK snow it seems to make all the hearts and loving that little bit more romantic. Here's our selection of pink Valentines treats for 2013, which we'd love to get ourLady Boy'smitts on! 'I'm With Cupid' Vest - Victoria's Secrets Heart Ring - Miss Selfridge Ombre Pink Skirt - Lavish Alice Pink Heart Shoes - Kurt Geiger Nicki Minaj Pink Friday Fragrance

Paul & Joe Pretties

So you might have seen on the Ladyboys of Bangkok Facebook pagethat due to our concerns with recent trademark issues with "Fifty Shades" we have taken the decision to rename this year's tour "Glamorous Amorous" instead. Just like we protect our brands we must duly respect others doing the same. Rest assured this will not compromise any of this year's show which promises to be our best yet. Rehearsal's are currently underway in Bangkok and everyone is getting really looking forward to the opening in Derby! In the meantime though, we are still compiling our wish lists and mood boards to polish off the shows aesthetic wonderment! Today we are eyeing up the beautiful collections from Paul & Joe; a French brand which is the epitome of quirk, cute and charm alongside providing the some of the highest quality clothing and make up products available! From their cat shaped lipsticks which are almost too precious to use, to the candy coloured pr…

Chinese State Circus on Channel 4's Sunday Brunch!

You may have seen us mention on Facebook andTwitter yesterday that some of our stars from the Chinese State Circus sneaked down to London for an exciting appearance on Channel 4's Sunday Brunch! It was all fun and frolics on the set of Sunday Brunch, in celebration of Chinese New Year which fell on the very same day! Tim and Simon greeted the Circus stars to the set with their usual friendly and warm welcome, making the entire experience utterly brilliant.
What do we think? Shall we invite Simon and Tim on the next few tour dates to make a guest appearance?! We're not sure they would be able to pull off the luxurious Pink costumes though....! Sunday Brunch is on Channel 4 Sunday mornings from 9.30am!

The Year of the Snake!

On Sunday the 10th of February we see in the Chinese New Year for 2013. Celebrating the 6th sign of the Chinese zodiac and enigmatic symbol of 2013's Chinese New Year - The Snake. Chinese New Year is the most celebrated tradition in Chinese Culture, so we just thought in between preparing all the festivities for tomorrow we'd post a quick update today, simply to say:


Chinese State Circus Tour Diary So Far!

It's been a whirlwind week or two on theChinese State Circus UK tour so far! And what a brilliant start to 2013 it has been for our talented Circus champions. With some exquisite venues and beautiful locations, it's been an absolute pleasure to be able to see the UK from a unique perspective on our coach of Circus dreams. It all started in Scotland where the Chinese State Circus performed at the incredible Kings Theatre in Glasgow, then they moved swiftly on to the Edinburgh Playhouse for another set of shows. Both venues welcomed the Chinese State Circus with open arms with an electric atmosphere and warm reception from the crowds of people that attended... Thank you Scotland, we will be back! 

Beyoncé Announces Mrs. Carter World Tour

Yes, you read that title correctly. Mrs Carter aka Beyoncéhas announced her first World Tour since 2009's 'I am... Sasha Fierce' and to put it quite frankly; we cannot wait to see this. As if Beyoncé's performances at Glastonbury and the Super Bowl recently weren't enough to leave us breathless, we literally cannot watch the Mrs Carter 2013 World Tour teaser clip without getting goosebumps! 
Mrs Carter 2013 UK Tour Dates: April 26 Birmingham LG ArenaApril 29 London The O2April 30 London The O2May 1 London The O2May 3 London The O2May 7 Manchester Manchester Evening News Arena For those who have been living under a rock for the past few years, Mrs Carter is the marital name of Beyoncé, the surname of her superstar mister, Jay Z. If there ever was a couple which were the epitome of music royalty this pair would be IT. Speaking of royalty, just check out the stunning promotional shots for the forthcoming tour. Queen BeeBeeherself in a contemporary Victorian inspired co…

Chinese New Year Competition!!

Sunday the 10th of February 2013 is an important day for us this year, not just because it's a Sunday and it means we get a lie in, but because this year it marks the most important tradition in the Chinese Calender that isChinese New Year! To celebrate we thought we'd do a little give away to share the love of this time long tradition. To enter, you just need to head to the Chinese State Circus Facebook page and click LIKE on the page.... and then like & share the competition picture. Simple as that! And what could you win we hear you cry! WELL, this little lot.....

Irregular Choices

Nothing makes us happier than quirky and unique style! From the traditional costumes worn by the Chinese State Circus to the more contemporary outfits our Lady Boys of Bangkok like to rock - if it's unique, colourful, pretty or frivolous - we love it! We couldn't resist theIrregular Choice websiteand it made for some serious eye candy, shining a lot of foot filled fun on to our dreary Monday morning. I'm sure you can agree that Irregular Choice shoes are certainly  uhm... Irregular! But so awesome! We need them on our feet - NOW!

The Chinese State Circus 2013 Tour Diary!

It's been an absolute whirl wind for the Chinese State Circus lately; Kicking off the tour in Glasgow at the Kings Theatre on the 30th January and now making their way to Buxton Opera House for a weekend of performances (stopping off at the Edinburgh Playhouse on the way!!). As the tour is now in full swing, we thought we'd give you a little round up of the cities the Chinese State Circus is visiting for the rest of February.