Dancing on Ice 2013

Gandey World Class Productions are all for the glitz and glamour, as demonstrated by the lavish and beautiful costumes on display in our shows. If you've ever seen The Lady Boys of Bangkok you will know that if it's sparkling, shining, glittering and colourful we LOVE it. This is why we tune in to Dancing on Ice every single season it's on. And 2013 is no different! Last night we enjoyed watching the show stopping delights of the incredibly talented contestants. And wow, what a show it was huh?!
We were so excited to see one of our idols Pamela Anderson taking part in the show! Pamela Anderson has always been on the radar for, well, just being utterly fabulous. In her days as Baywatch Babe C.J. Parker she wowed audiences with that bathing suit, and admittedly Pammy may have had the odd Fashion Faux Pas in her day, but I'm sure we can all agree she's looking better than ever in the Dancing on Ice 2013 promo shots. And look at that, Pamela is even getting in on the Fifty Shades of Pink action with a dash of sequins to boot!
As you can imagine, we were stunned that Pamela Anderson didn't get through to the next round in Dancing on Ice 2013!! Although we are sure that Keith Chegwin will be keeping us equally as entertained and maybe he'll pop on some equally as show stopping outfits for us to admire too! Who do you think will win the show? Olympian Beth Tweddle is definitely our new favourite to take the crown, she's such an amazingly talented performer!