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A Rose By Any Other Name....

We love to think outside of the box here areGandey World Class Productionsand with shows such as the Chinese State Circus and the Lady Boys of Bangkok, is it any wonder?! With Valentines Day coming up we thought we'd get a head start on the celebrations by sharing our most lusted after items for 2013! The theme of roses and femininity reign supreme in all things Valentines, but we can't take flowers on tour with us, so let's celebrate the romantic essence of the Rose in all it's other glorious forms. From make up to mugs, the versatility of the rose can be incorporated into many gift idea's for Valentines Day this year!
''A rose by any other name would smell as sweet.'' 1. Amber and Silver Rose Brooch 2. NYX Rose Bouquet Lipstick 3. Butler & Wilson Rose Necklace 4. Sleek Rose Gold Blusher 5. Cath Kidston Rose Mug
There's pretty much an item to suit any budget in in our little selection above. From the colourful and sparkling Butler & Wilson …

Exhibition of Circus Costumes, Roberto Rosello.

During her recent visit to Monaco to attend the Monte Carlo International Circus Festival, our adventuring company DirectorCarol Gandeyalso stopped by theExhibition of Circus Costumes at the Princess Grace Theater. The exhibition featured the work of Roberto Rosello who is a renowned costume designer, decorator and set designer. From his detailed and intricate drawings on paper to the final garments and costumes, the exhibition is an exciting and interesting insight in to the world of a costume designer such as Roberto. Designing for shows such as 'Holiday on Ice' and numerous cabaret and circus performers, it is a rare opportunity to delve in to such an exciting world. Carol managed to snap some wonderful images on her phone which we thought share on the blog, the work on display is such an inspiration for anyone  interested in theatre, fashion or illustration. Carol was also privileged to meet acclaimed artist Toby Wright(pictured below). The Roberto Rosello Exhibition of C…

A Tasty Guest Post from 'The Dust on the Ground'

Today on the Gandy World Class Productions Blog we are very excited to have a guest post written by Lizzie Romer who writes at brilliant The Dust on the Ground blog. You cannot deny that Lizzie's blog is an immense saturation of amazing pictures and style! In this guest post Lizzie is sharing a recipe from her travels to Thailand, and also some really pretty lomographyimages from her Holga camera. Wanderlust a go-go. Enjoy!

My favourite place on my Thailand travels has to be Chiang Mai. I left behind the busy streets of Bangkok and found myself on an overnight sleeper train speeding north to a haven inside city walls. Aside from cycling between temples, chatting to Buddhist monks and buying more than I could carry at the weekend markets, a highlight was definitely the cooking course I took at my guest house. So I thought I’d share one of the recipes with you! We were taught how to make fish soufflé, spring rolls and coconut rice, but I’ve decided to share my favourite Thai classic…

Fifty Shades of Pink With MAC

As you may have heard through our incessant excitement, the Lady Boys of Bangkokare back with a new show for 2013, entitled Fifty Shades of Pink. We love a good excuse to give this illustrious colour the lime light and what better place to start than with pink themed make up. We found a wonderful collection of MAC lipsticks that certainly get us in the mood for glamming ourselves up on tour! 
The stunning Nicki Minaj VIVA GLAM Satin Lipstick in Bright Pink is a particular favourite from the range of shades available, and proceeds even go to a very good cause! Viva Glam Nicki is a stunningly powerful shade just like the woman herself. Another favourite is the seductive shade 'Scarlet Ibis' from the Marilyn Collection; a beautiful deep pinkish red tone, perfect for an evening look. There are so many variations on this wonderful colour we can't wait to take it from day to night in our new tour! Viva la Fifty Shades of Pink! 

Monte Carlo Circus Festival 2013!

From January the 17th to the 25th we see the 37th year of the infamous Monte Carlo International Circus Festival! Celebrating the best of Circus culture with an array of live entertainment and world class acts, the Monte Carlo Circus Festival proves year after year that it's one of the most exciting and interesting events to take place in Monaco!

''Created in 1974 by H.S.H. Prince Rainier III of Monaco, the International Circus Festival of Monte-Carlo has become the largest and most prestigious circus event in the world. It awards the most respected prize in the world of the circus, namely the Golden Clown Organized and presided by H.S.H. Princess Stéphanie of Monaco, a selection of the best international acts is presented each year at the Festival which is broadcast around the globe.''
The prestigious setting of Monte Carlo is a location like no other, with lavish hotels such as the luxurious Fairmont Hotel which is heavily involved with hosting the awards ceremony…

Laab Gai Salad

With the Christmas and New Year festivities out of the way, we know a lot of people are now concentrating on healthy and clean eating for 2013! This recipe for a classic Thai Laab Gai Salad is so fresh and tasty you'll be sure to be making it on a weekly basis. Portions can be halved or doubled to feed less or more people, but we think once you've tasted it you'll be throwing dinner parties galore to show off this fabulous dish.

China Glaze CIRQUE DU SOLEIL™ Collection

TheChina Glaze CIRQUE DU SOLEIL™ Collection certainly looks as good as it sounds doesn't it? We were super excited to see the launch of this range at Gandey World Class Productions HQ. It's quite simply the epitome of everything we believe in - The beauty, the glamour, the colour and the glitz of big top productions!

Get The Look With the Lady Boys #1

As our gorgeousLady Boys of Bangkokare so beautiful, with their perfect costumes and polished beauty, we thought it would be an utter shame not to focus some of the blog on their make up looks alone! So this is the first in the series to show you how you can 'Get The Look with the Lady Boys' yourself! In this first one we will focus on the effortless Natural look shown below. It's simple, its glowing, it's gorgeous.  One thing truly admirable about the Lady Boys of Bangkok is that they do the gender transformation without looking like the classic drag queen. Even with their more over the top and colourful looks they still remain pretty and classy. The natural glow created above is so wearable too and simple to create with only a few select beauty products!
Holika Holika BB Cream provides a natural base with just enough coverage to get you started. Benefit's Smokin' Eyes Kit has all the essentials you need to create a stress free smokey eye effect and the kit al…

WIN! In Our Valentines Day Competition!

The Lady Boys of Bangkok are having a lovely competition over on their Facebook page, starting today! The prize which we can give credit to leading UK clothing websiteASOS for, is an EXCLUSIVE Valentines Gift Set containing some deliciously scented items from Greek brand KORRES. Korres is one of our favourite brands, we discovered them when browsing beauty blogs looking for hints and tips of how to look even more gorgeous! We started our Korres love affair with the long time favourite Lip Butter in Wild Rose, which keeps our show stopping pouts looking luscious in any weather, with super moisturising powers and a pop of colour! Alongside the Korres Wild Rose Lip Butter the exclusive Valentines set also contains Japanese Rose Shower Gel and Body Milk. The Japanese Rose fragrance is so refreshing and floral but is delicate enough for everyone to use, and we can't even begin to tell you about how wonderful the Body Milk is for keeping skin supple and soft!
Entry to this free online …

Easy Thai Fish Cakes

Fish cakes come in all shapes and sizes, but one's we love the most here at Gandey World Class Productionsis the simple Thai Fish Cake.  They are so quick and easy to make, yet pack a tasty punch at the dinner table. With a small selection of ingredients blended with key herbs and spices, the Thai Fish Cake recipe is certainly one to get your hands dirty with!

Dancing on Ice 2013

Gandey World Class Productions are all for the glitz and glamour, as demonstrated by the lavish and beautiful costumes on display in our shows. If you've ever seen The Lady Boys of Bangkok you will know that if it's sparkling, shining, glittering and colourful we LOVE it. This is why we tune in toDancing on Iceevery single season it's on. And 2013 is no different! Last night we enjoyed watching the show stopping delights of the incredibly talented contestants. And wow, what a show it was huh?!

We Love Bubble Tea!

Bubble tea is fast becoming popular in the UK and originates in Taiwan. Also known as 'pearl milk tea' or 'boba tea', there has been an influx of independent bubble tea businesses popping up all over England in recent years. The 3 you see before you were purchased from one of our favourite Bubble Tea outlets which is 'I love Bobo' in Manchester, a little stand which is dedicated to this fine beverage located in the Arndale Centre. These flavours are Honeydew Melon, Grape and Apple. In each one there are different flavoured 'bubbles' - passionfruit, mango and strawberry. Yum yum! 


Because we're such a social (media) savvy lot here at Gandey World Class Productions we have joined the world of Pinterest! We think that Pinterest is going to be the ideal platform to bookmark all of the visual wonderment that inspires us, alongside celebrating and sharing our venues, tours and costumes.