13 Dec 2013

Las Vegas Baby!

Last month, a couple of the team at Gandey World Class Productions spent a week in Vegas and what a week it was!


We stayed at the New York New York Resort hotel on the strip, the week was non-stop. Starting off with a trip to the canyon and walk on the sky-bridge, this was an amazing breathtaking experience, the canyon leaving them speechless due to the enormity of this natural phenomenon.

When in Vegas you must try and get to see a show, we chose La Reve at The Wynn and Absinthe at Caesars Palace.
La Reve is one of the most beautiful, amazing productions I have experience, directed and produced by Franco Dragone, the sheer athleticism of the artistes leave you in awe and the props and production of this show is magical, this is just a “dream” of a show.





Absinthe – this is the spiegeltent show in front of Caesars Palace, a very stripped back kind of a show for Vegas, no trickery, just down to the quality of the artistes and the MC, I’m pleased this show is doing well and have just been granted another year at Caesars, it’s great to see a “European” style show doing so well in Vegas.


This was my favourite act in the show, performed by two very
sexy and talented aerialists
The mouth watering buffet at the Bellagio  - I thought I’d died and gone to heaven! Two beautiful hours spent tasting the most amazing and varied selection of food I have seen under one roof”, The prime rib of beef just melted in your mouth – this buffet is highly recommended but try and beat the queses and get there for the beginning of a session.
Lastly Vegas wouldn’t be Vegas without casinos, most of the hotels have them and they are HUGE, most of the hotel run classes in the mornings for the various table games, we chose the Craps class, as interesting as it was, I did leave feeling more confused than when I started and a month on, would struggle to remember most of it...but it wouldn’t stop me placing the odd chip here or there ;)
We left Vegas a bit weary and tired, but definitely returning soon, for now back to the UK to finish off the last two venues for the Ladyboys of Bangkok.

1 Nov 2013

Celebrity Fragrances

Smell as sweet as a celebrity with our top picks of seductive scents.

Celebrity fragrances big right now, from One Direction to Naomi Campbell:

Christmas is coming and it's time to buy some lovely gifts for your loved ones! We love nothing more than a good celebrity endorsed product and what better way to become part of the fan-dom than having a signature scent by your favourite star. Here's our top favourites from Gandey World Class Productions HQ:

Celebrity Fragrance

30 Oct 2013

Autumnal Beauty

Oh Autumn, possibly our favourite time of year. Fur coats at the ready and cosy knits to snuggle up in, add a tasty hot chocolate and you're all set for Autumn.... Just about. As you know The Ladyboys don't go a day without glamour and glitz in their life, so here's their pick of the best make up to transition your beauty essentials from the warm days to the slightly chillier. The biggest make up trends this season are deep berry lips and bold eyes.....

Transition your make up through to Autumn with these top picks!

Autumnal Beauty Make Up Transition

28 Oct 2013

Last Minute Halloween Costumes

You were adamant you were staying in for Halloween weren't you? But suddenly fancy dress fever has hit and you're raring to get dressed up in your best, most creative outfit! Alas, the stores have sold out of all the fiendishly fancy witches outfits and there's not a single cauldron in sight.... You've taken some inspiration from our Halloween beauty bloggers challenge, but it's not quite ticking the boxes. 
So here's our:

 Last minute Halloween Costume ideas!

An obvious option for your Halloween Fancy Dress this year is becoming a Lady Boy! Literally! One of the acts in this years Lady Boys of Bangkok show features the fabulous half male half female costume. This would be super easy to achieve, all you'd need is some male and female clothing you don't mind cutting in half. Perhaps get a friend to join in to, so the other half of the clothing isn't wasted!

Along the same theme, the human chameleon also known as Lady Gaga has stepped out this week with a rather sophisticated looking moustache. We're not quite sure what the theme behind this outfit is, but we love it! Slick your hair back and pop on your best facial hair ladies!

You could also go for a subtle Poison Ivy inspired make up look similar to the one Phee created as part of our Halloween Make Up Challenge. We love this look as it's so glamorous and pretty yet still keeps within the Halloween theme without being scary at all!

And for any men who fancy being hilariously ironic by doing the 'anti costume, costume' here are our two favourite last minute 'costumes' for you! The 'nudist on strike' T Shirt really tickled us, and if you're a fan of the American version of 'The Office' then you would have seen Jim Halpert rocking the classic 'Face Book' costume as seen below.

What are you dressing up as for Halloween 2013?

21 Oct 2013

A Christmas Special from The Lady Boys!

The Ladyboys of Bangkok are polishing off their UK tour for 2013 with a special Christmas edition of their Glamorous Amorous show! 

From the 2nd of December until the 14th, the Lady Boys of Bangkok are bringing their unique display of comedy, cabaret and culture to the steel city in their purpose built Sabai Pavilion.
Expect the usual thrills and frolics with an added dash of festive cheer and a splash of seasonal seduction. Find out more by visiting the event listing on Skiddle!
Book your tickets online now! 

16 Oct 2013

Celebrity Men... As Women.

Introducing the all new show... The Lady Boys of Hollywood!! 

....Joking, of course. 

When we stumbled across these amazing photoshopped images of celebrity men transformed in to women we just HAD to share them. The likes of Daniel Craig, Robert Pattinson and even Hugh Heffner have been completely transformed in to an interesting and hilarious set of images channelling their inner Goddess. We can't help but think some of their new found femininity wouldn't look out of place on the Ladyboys of Bangkok tour! Of course they would have to get their hands on a few more sequins and a touch more glitter to fit in properly with the line up, but there's definite potential there.

Celebrity men as women.... Ladyboys of Hollywood?
Celebrity men as women.... Ladyboys of Hollywood?
Celebrity men as women.... Ladyboys of Hollywood?
You can see the full gallery of made over celebrities by clicking here. Which star do you think carries off their male to female transformation the best?

15 Oct 2013

LBOB x Stargazer Halloween Make Up Challenge - The Results!

You've probably seen us mention over on the Lady Boys twitter account that we have teamed up with Stargazer Cosmetics to collaborate with some fabulous UK Beauty Bloggers for an all new make up challenge. Following the success of our last Lady Boys of Bangkok make up challenge, we've been itching to do another one ever since. Beauty Blogger's are the some of the most creative lovelies on the internet and the theme this time was Halloween! The glamorous results are in with a spooktacular array of skills on show:

Jackie, wonder-vlogger from Sadlerette kept it club kid cool with a sprinkle of colour:

Thomas from Porcelaine D'Beau looked stunning using a clash of pinks and purples:

Phee from Phee's Make Up Tips  channels her Poison Ivy alter ego in this pretty creation:

Keeping it bold and simple is Kat from Tales of a Pale Face:

And adding a sucker punch of glitz with this awe-inspiring head piece is Sera from The Agoraphobic Fashionista:

The bloggers were super creative combining their own beauty collections and the Stargazer products!
Photo Credit: Tales of a Pale Face blog
Are you a beauty or fashion blogger who'd like in on our next fabulous make up challenge? Let us know and we will add you to our ever growing database.

Thank you to Stargazer Cosmetics and all of the lovely bloggers who made this make up challenge a wonderful treat. If you find yourself at one of the Ladyboys shows we also stock a range of Stargazer products for you to take home too!

BEAUTY: On Trend, Red Lips.

BEAUTY: On Trend, Red Lips.

8 Oct 2013

This Is Halloween

Halloween is almost here!

There's nothing the Lady Boys of Bangkok love to do more than play dress up and what better occasion to do it than at Halloween. This year they have the day off from the tour to celebrate in style (glamorous, spooky style that is) and are currently finding things to do on their way to the last leg of this years Glamorous Amorous tour in Belfast. As they were browsing for some costume inspiration they came across the awe inspiring new collection from Charlotte Olympia in the form of these ultra unique and gorgeous Halloween inspired shoes! Featuring bats and cats and pumpkins (oh my!) the glamorous take on the 31st of October tradition are fangtasticly stylish, but they certainly don't come cheap! With prices starting at just shy of £400 they're certainly an 'investment piece' for your seasonal wardrobe.

Charlotte Olympia Halloween Collection 2013

What will you be dressing as this Halloween?

Happy Halloween from the Lady Boys of Bangkok

Happy Halloween Lady Boys fans! 
Have a ghoulish time!!

2 Oct 2013

FASHION: Barbie Has A Make Over

Every girl's style icon Barbie has had a high fashion make over! Fashion designer Herve Leger has created a unique collectors piece in the form of this limited edition Herve Leger by Max Azria Barbie. Barbie comes complete with a stunning red bandage dress and black and white jacquard dress, manufactured at the same factory as the full collection. Not only are these dresses available in miniature Barbie size, but you can also buy the full size dresses from the designer too! Looking endlessly chic and sophisticated, Barbie has come a long way from the baby pink pop look she is more familiarly associated with. Ditching the bleach blonde locks and opting for a richer darker shade of hair colour, Barbie looks as classy as well, any miniature doll in a designer outfit possibly could! If you'd like limited edition Herve Leger by Max Azria Barbie in your life it will set you back the grand total of £110 in the UK and is sold exclusively at the Hervé Léger by Max Azria flagship store.

limited edition Herve Leger by Max Azria Barbie

The black leather harness belt also wouldn't look out of place in the new Lady Boys of Bangkok show either, particularly in their tribute to 50 Shades of Grey (which has quickly become one of the highlights for many from this years set list). If you've seen the new show Glamorous Amorous you'll know exactly what we mean!