Shrewsbury Theatre Severn

Continuing exploring the beautiful venues in which some of our shows will be gracing over the next year, we hop over to Shrewsbury and their Theatre Severn. On the 5th and 6th February 2013, the Chinese State Circus will be taking to the stage in this gorgeous West Midlands market town. A relatively new landmark in Shrewsbury, only being officially opened in March 2009, the Theatre Severn is located on Frankwell Quay, which is a beautiful riverside location situated on one of the main gateways to the town.
Shrewsbury itself is an attractive town which draws in tourists and visitors from around the country. It is more commonly used as a lovely little day out for most families in the West Midlands and Wales though, as it's a very short distance away and easy to get to! Founded by the Saxons and developed by the Tudors, this quaint little town lies in the giant loop of the River Severn, making it a superbly unique location with plenty to see and history to take in.
Not only is the location of the Theatre Severn a beautiful one, but it's also birthplace to many famous faces. OK, when we say famous, we don't mean the latest TOWIE or Chelsea celeb, we mean some of our most intelligent and well respected Britons. In this list we have Judge Jeffries, Lord Hill, Nick Owen and most famously we have the official 'Great Briton' himself Charles Darwin! Charles Darwin was the English naturalist who first established the theory of evolution in his work 'Origin of Species by means of Natural Selection'. Born and brought up in a house (now Darwin House) on The Mount in the Frankwell area of Shrewsbury, Shropshire, England on February 12th 1809 and was the grandson of Erasmus Darwin (the English scientist and poet - considered one of the foremost physicians of his day). His mother was a daughter of the famous English pottery manufacturer, Josiah Wedgwood. So there we go, a well connected market town indeed! If you're looking for a great day out with all the family with an added spark at the end of the day then you're going to love seeing the Chinese State Circus in this wonderful location.

The Chinese State Circus love anything quintessentially British and can't wait to explore Shrewsbury in between performances of their Yin Yang show. To buy your ticket for this and other venues head to: