All About Angola!

If you follow the Chinese State Circus on Facebook, then you're already aware that the show has been going down a treat during their début performances in Angola! The African premier of the production "Mulan" opened on Friday 30th November, and has been an amazing experience for all involved. The Chinese State Circus was honoured to be part of making history - being the first international entertainment Angola has hosted in over 40 years! 

With the Chinese State Circus being the first major international production seen in Angola since it's independence in 1975, it's been an absolute joy and pleasure to follow the success of the show online! The preparation that went into getting the crew and cast over to Angola was a strategic operation, which certainly had it's ups and downs along the way. As some of us unfortunately can't be with the crew whilst they're out there, we've found that following through Facebook and Twitter we can feel like we are part of the celebrations and everyone's hard work has paid off. The audience has been warm and welcoming every step of the way and have been thoroughly enjoying the show in action, with an impressive turn out every night!  

Apart from The Chinese State Circus visiting though, what else is so great about Angola? Well! Here's 10 fun and interesting facts I've found about this mysterious place. You know what they say - you learn something new every day! 

Fact 1:
The official language in Angola is Portuguese, but they also speak Bantu and other African languages.

Fact 2:
Due to the increasing of oil production, Angola has one of the fastest growing economies.

Fact 3:
Angola also is the home for the giant sable antelope. It can't be found anywhere else and was thought to be extinct until they discovered it a few years ago.

Fact 4:
Angola went through long civil war that took thousands of people’s life and lasted from 1975 to 2002.

Fact 5:
Angola’s favorite sport is basketball.

Fact 6:
The highest mountain in Angola is Serra Mountain which is 2610 meters.

Fact 7:
Angola has two official names: The Undemocratic Anti-Photographic Monarchy of Angola and Angolish Empire of Flying Snakes.

Fact 8:
38% of the population are roman catholic, 15% are protestant and 47% are indigenous beliefs.

Fact 9:
One of Africa's most beautiful natural wonders, the Ruacana Falls, is located in Angola.

Fact 10:
Angola gained its independence from the Portuguese colony in 1975.

If you're not in Angola (much like us!) don't worry, the dates over there are just polishing off the last bit of the 2012 Mulan tour. The Chinese State Circus are popping back across to the UK in the new year with their new Yin Yang show, kicking off in Glasgow on the 29th January!