14 Dec 2012

Pinch Punch First of the Month

On the 1st of February The Chinese State Circus will be skipping across to Buxton Opera House, continuing their Yin Yang tour! Buxton is a beautiful little spa town in Derbyshire, a stone's throw away from Manchester and situated close to the county boundary, with Staffordshire to one side and picturesque Cheshire on the other. 

Buxton Opera House is a breathtakingly beautiful Edwardian venue. With a seating plan accommodating 902 seats, there's always an impressive turn out for all shows and pantomimes which take place at this stunning Opera House. Until 1976 the Buxton Opera House was mainly used as a cinema, until it reopened as a refurbished for live performances in 1979. I must admit, it would feel a little strange to settle into your seat to watch the new Bond Movie or the latest Twilight Saga in such a theatrical setting (strange yet utterly amazing may I add!). Frank Matcham, the architect who designed the Buxton Opera House, is also renowned for his stunning work designing two of the most famous theatres in London - The London Palladium and the London Coliseum. Both of these stunning venues are treasures of the UK in their own right, but the Buxton Opera House offers the same amazing scenery and architectural significance, just located in a slightly quieter location!
Since it's reopening in 1979 the Buxton Opera House has played host to 450 shows a YEAR! Which is an impressive figure for such a quaint venue. The Chinese State Circus are so excited to be in Buxton, as the UK's favourite international circus act, they can't wait to do some sight seeing of the local attractions too, particularly Poole's Cavern! Being so close to such a variety of notable attractions, Buxton really is a lovely place for a day out with all the family and experience what can only be described as a quintessentially English town.