Hello and welcome to the brand new blog for Gandey World Class Productions!

With the end of the year drawing in and the new one just upon us, we decided that to become a bit more '2013' we'd set up a blog to keep fans of our productions (old and new!) updated with the latest goings on.

Covering all types of topics - from the shows themselves, to locations and venues whilst also delving into some culture! We plan to update regularly and there'll always be something for everyone to enjoy and share.

So, what productions are Gandey World Class Productions  responsible for?

You're probably already familiar with our glorious Lady Boys of Bangkok who have just polished off their 2012 Carnival Queen tour. Don't worry if you missed them though, as there's plenty of dates planned for 2013 with their stunning new show. The Lady Boys of Bangkokas always, will be offering a mixture of comedy, cabaret and lady boy capers alongside the usual stunning costumes and performances!

As well as the beautiful Lady Boys, we also have several other shows which are doing the rounds near you in 2013. If you're looking for a great family day out in your area then you must head to our amazing Chinese State Circus tour. Hitting a range of venues around the UK, from Derbyshire to Glasgow. If you're after a fun day out for all ages then be sure to give the Chinese State Circus a whirl!

And not forgetting the other productions and talents either, including:
Cirque Surreal, Spirit of the Horse, Krystal Dinner Show, and the Edinburgh Circus Festival.

We've got so  much planned for the future, so watch this space!
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